‘Tilaiya ke Taliban’: Another look at Sainik School Tilaiya video

Last week was of a lot of news about Sainik School Tilaiya, my alma mater. There is a video showing some seniors belting juniors and making them do push ups. The video runs in ‘indefinite replay’. Let me give you some perspective: There are some students in couloured clothing in the evening. White shorts and […]


जहाँ हिजड़ों की एक फौज/
रोज चलती है/
जो सोचती है किसी और का विचार/
जो बोलती है किसी और के शब्द/
जो जीती है किसी और की ज़िन्दगी/

And so I killed my twin

The enormous pain which I could feel was not letting me live. Being a part of him, I could know what he was going through. I was seeing him dying every single moment but with no chance of that freedom.