In-dividual in ‘social’

In the ‘sand era’ full of chips and circuits fitted in all the devices around us, we are nowhere close to being a person dedicated to ourselves. It’s all ‘social’ now. Individual’s definition of being indivisible and hence single entity has collapsed to a certain degree. The individuality of the individual has given way to […]

राशिफल 2012: ज्योतिषी-श्रेष्ठ अजीत भारती द्वारा

“After the huge success of Predictions 2012, ‘Horoscope 2012 by Ajeet Bharti’ is simply ribald.”: New York Times “Reading and knowing the future with your new zodiac signs is pathbreaking and innovative.”: Sidney Morning Herald “if you started reading don’t leave in between, it keeps getting better.”: Time पहला प्रश्न यह होगा की पूरी दुनिया […]