हम समझते हैं

हम जो तुम्हरे चक्कर नहीं लगाते/
हम जो तुम्हे देख कर नहीं मुस्कुराते/
हम जो तुम्हे रत्ती भर भी नहीं लगाते/
इन सब का कारण क्या है
वो तुम भी, और हम भी
हरदम समझते हैं/
भले ही तुम्हें लगता हो कि/
कम समझते हैं…

Of Loitham Richard and the likes

Manipuri student Loitham Richard allegedly died of some injuries that he sustained following a road accident on April 15. He died with bleeding from nose and mouth and the postmortem report suggests it to be a haemorrhage. That was the official account of Loitham Richard’s death from the files of police. College authorities give the […]