An optimist’s view on Modi’s approach to Pakistani cancer


As in the title, Pakistan is surely a cancer. Anyone who keeps a different view can just stop. It’s not out of hatred, but an analysis of how it’s existence is affecting neighbouring countries with its terror infrastructure. India has taken a lot due to the fact that every government tried hard to negotiate a path of peace.

However, India, under Modi, has approached the Pakistan menace in a tactically different way. It was executed in three parts (third part still underway):

  1. Approach them with a soft hand, invite them to forums, show them that you care to solve the issue
  2. Single out every single terror act at every international forum, make big nations accept that Pakistan uses its soil for terrorism which is a cancer for whole world
  3. Attack with strategy, both militarily as well as diplomatically

When Modi took office, he invited Nawaz Sharif along with all SAARC nation heads, despite the fact that nation had a strained relationship with Pakistan due to several acts of terror, including mutilation of soldiers in the pre May-2014 time. This had nothing to do with actual results of peace in sight. Peace with Pakistan is a laughable expectation as parties win elections by bashing India. Also, the main power lies in the hands of Army and ISI.

So, this was a strategic move by Modi to show the world that India wants peace from day one, keeping in back of mind the fact that they will be exposed sooner. There is a pattern of terror attacks in India by Pakistan: Whenever you approach at government level, it is followed by either a border offensive or terror attack in Kashmir or other parts of India. This has been going on since Vajpayee days.

Same was repeated. Modi perhaps, somewhere knew it, waited for it. Then the government at every forum irrespective of Pakistan’s presence started to expose Pak designs. Be it bilateral visits of Modi, quite a few in first 18 months (continuing even now), or group of nations, or the UN, Modi Makde sure to reiterate the terror angle. He got a bit of success with terror being recognised in statements of several state heads starting with the US (Trump recently naming long time ally Pakistan), Japan, European nations, Israel etc.

This is a diplomatic win. The keyword terror started to trend in Modi visits and he made sure head of states include that in their joint statements. This must have made Pakistan very nervous as, at different occasions, when US curtailed their aid, they said it was peanuts, in frustration. Similarly, after Trump said Pak’s name, Pakistani ministers didn’t take it very kindly.

The third phase, yet to be executed but it should, is to completely isolate Pakistan by disassociating with it at every instance. India showed the firm hand by calling to review Indus Water Treaty which is the main source of drinking water and irrigation in Pakistan. If India stops the flow, which it can, at will and release waters, Pakistan can dry or get flooded at India’s will. This sent Pakistan in a tizzy with Modi and Doval, along with a more happy Army standing by it.

The Army carried surgical strikes, after a long planning was another master stroke to boost the morale of army and population. This hurt Pakistan in serious way with it not being able to accept its own citizens left dead by India. Armed Forces have a friend at centre after a long time, this is certainly giving them a better chance to wipe out terrorism from valley as we can see a continuous ops underway in Kashmir.

The surgical strike and military ops have weakened the terrorists in such big ways that local terrorists are targeting J&K police, bank officials etc. This means they are going the Naxal way. Their focus has shifted from killing Army people to just anyone! Apart from the border, Indian Army has been in continuos pursuit of Kashmiri terrorists, some 200 in number, and operations are underway for a long time now. Every other day we hear the news of some terrorists being killed.

The ops are underway with proper strategy as the Army has mapped out terrorists and their location district-wise, with not giving into the stone-throwing mob that disrupts the operations. A lady who was trying to help the terrorists, along with another stone thrower were shot dead two days ago while Army was trying to take on the terrorists hiding in a house. Ultimately, the house was set on fire with both terrorists being killed inside. This is just one incident where Army is not holding back. Two incidents, where one Kashmiri officer and one DSP was killed by raging mob, have not gone down well with the Armed Forces.

The next part of phase there should be resolution in Parliament to declare Pakistan a terror state and send the diplomats packing and give Army a free hand to deal at border. Let’s not have a war, but demolish the terror infrastructure at border with better equipments. Maybe, Modi wants to use this at the end of tenure to garner votes, so it might get delayed by a year. Calling Pakistan a terror state everywhere and not doing so in Parliament is ridiculous and people are mocking the government for it.

The import from Pakistan is so minuscule that India can afford to let it go. With military infrastructure getting a bit better, of course not yet world class, and having the backing of government, India should be able to hurt Pakistan in many way. Also, not to forget Baluchistan where the internal conflict is a great chance for India to keep destabilising Pakistan. Same at the Afghan border where India can play its role to keep Pakistan dealing with internal conflicts.

If this stage goes through, the Pakistan problem will be solved to a larger extent. This will give rise to some terror incidents out of frustration but that would also mean they will do more mistakes. Internal monitoring and info sharing between agencies need to be more serious with police and para-military forces taking intelligence inputs seriously.

This would mean the Naxal issue can be tackled with stopping the arms and money flow to these militants. That would mean internal agencies have one less headache and so they would be able to focus more on external threats which use Indian people and soil for terrorist activities.


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