Another day, another terror attack

Tell me to be a heartless, ice cold, emotionally blank individual but these Taliban/ISIS/IM hostage things don’t bother me a bit.

These are as normal as I breathe.

Wouldn’t I be shaken when my family is taken hostage? I don’t know. May be yes. May be I won’t be there to see that happen.

You breed them, feed them and then they come back. It’s a pattern. Can’t you see? Or as in history of religious expansionism, it is recurrent. Just the ways change.

Very early, you told them the good things about you, you spread the teachings, then you forcibly told them to be one, then you waged wars, then you colonised, then you started teachings again, then you raised proxy wars (again), then you took a city (again), a state (again, but no need of colonies this time as people have grown intelligent and UN tries hard to make itself appear as functioning)…

It has happened in history, it is happening now and it will bloody very well happen in future.

You will survive. You will get killed. You will die happy as a bird. You will lose a leg. You will be ripped apart by a IED-laden jacket. You will have a see-through hole on your temples.

Who knows. Inhale, when you just can!

Merry Christmas folks. Merry Christmas…..

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