Banned in Pakistan: Facebook, Youtube…

Pakistan banned Facebook and then Youtube for showing off or carrying content which goes against the faith of Muslims. By the basic and fundamental faith in Islam, noone can show or try to idolize or draw or even imagine how their prophets look because it promoted idol worship which is strictly against Islam.

The other day, when it was banned in Pakistan, the creators of an online prophet drawing competition which invited individuals to draw the image of Prophet Mohammed, cited their freedom of expression to counter this.

The question is not of expression but of violating a whole community’s expression and belief. It has been a habit among the western ‘civilised’ youth to do some things which target the faith of Eastern world. We have seen it a number of times; be it a beer bottle with images of Hindu Gods or Prophet Mohammed’s caricature!

One has the right to express but not at the cost of violating other’s. These incident are a product of negativity and carry a whole baggage of colonial history of seeing the Eastern Faiths as something mean and illogical.

A generalized thinking and the sub-zero level of understanding about issues beyond one’s culture can only generate this type of behaviour. They, perhaps run out of ideas and then come up with some brilliant ones like this.

Pakistan Foriegn Office has urged the United Nations as well as the Organisation of the Islamic conference to look into the matter as it is a question of faith and a subject very emotional to Muslim community.

Mr Basit, spokesperson of Foreign Office, remarked, “Attacks on sacred religious beliefs, symbols and personalities are a violation of the fundamental rights to freely profess and manifest one’s religion. Such acts are also not helpful in the context of promoting inter-faith harmony and cooperation.”

This is not a matter of Muslims or Hindus or a particular community but on a larger perspective this is a product of prejudiced frustrations and empty mind who thinks it is ‘free to express’ but as a fact of the matter, thinking seems ‘bound in some premitive and uncivilized chain!

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  1. I think it is your preconceived and prejudiced notion that western civilized youths, over the years have garnered this tendency to attack eastern faiths …and I have following points in support of my argument.

    If you have analyzed the critical literature carefully , western world has been very critical of its views about Christianity and Jesus Christ, which is a typically western faith system. Various literature over the period of time has proved various findings and some literature has gone up to the extent of blasphemy. so to say ,that they do it specially with eastern faith and practices would be not fair .I think , it is their tendency to analyze the things on the touch stone of reasons and not faith(which is typically eastern world’s practice) , which makes them to do so.It is the urge to express oneself , and the idea of freedom that appeals to the European mindset more than any faith system .i think that is the precise reason that Europe has witnessed more no. of social reformation process.
    Looking in to historical view , where did reformation , renaissance started ?…. western world …..and off course it was meant for eliminating the faith system which lacked the reasons.

    If you look over the demographical figures of Europe, you can notice that , there is a rapid Islamic proselytism , which proves that Islam is very fast becoming a poupular and respected faith in Europe,so to say that westerners held low view of Islam , would be not fair.

    Talking of assimilation of eastern faith in to western world , what do you think of YOGA and other ways of meditation ?

    It is becoming a increasingly popular in Europe to visit China , India for experiencing the eastern culture and practices , had their intention been to defame and attack these faith practices , it would not have been possible.

    I would look forward to your part of the arguments. sorry for posting such a long comment. thanks !

    • Thanks for the arguments. Let me tell you what my study of critical literature tells me, with specialisations in French and Russian apart from English. Renaissance, reformation, the debate of religion and science, Logic and Reason are all product of west and they were quite good to humanity as well, I am not denying that as well. But if you have read renaissance and if you remember the time, it was the same time when Britain was suffering from a disease called ‘White Man’s Burden’. It was a disease whose leaves are in the ‘prejudiced thinking’ that I wrote. It was the time when Britain was the most inhuman, slave trade, exploiting other areas, going to wars… all on the name of civilising the world.

      Read “A modest proposal” by Jonathan Swift to know the actual human crisis in Ireland at the time of practicing and promoting Renaissance Humanism!

      Now coming to the arguments, I never quoted that westerners were lunatics or had no virtues and lacked reason…. I never despised them for the great achievements that they have… But yes I have problem when someone ridicules a faith just because it seems illogical to him/her!

      Will you find it interesting when someone makes a portrait of say, Christ raping Durga? By the Logic, Resaon and Renaissance mindset, it is a mere man committing a criminal offence against a woman, even better a work of art depicting violence, or for a modern art, imperialism (west taking east)…

      Here is the problem, whatever you think is great but the moment you make it public, and if hurts a sentiment of even an individual that is violation of his/her human right, the fundamental one! And here you are playing with the whole combined faith of more than two billions! And mind you this code of law, and freedom of expression, human rights are all coined by the Western world itself. So even by that logic, it is neither good morally nor legally to insult anyone’s faith albeit a whole community.

      My logic is simple, if you don’t follow a faith, fine, but you don’t have any right to ridicule other’s! And don’t talk theoretically ad bookishly on the prejudiced thinking! You might be knowing that after 9-11, the whole Muslim community in USA and UK, specially, are seen as terrorists! They have been thrown out of the jobs without any explanation! They are not getting jobs as yet!

      So I don’t buy your argument of taking yoga classes or classical music or abusing Christ for that matter makes them very logical and reasonable; and reasonable enough to denounce someone’s faith and ridicule by doing the forbidden! If at all you have the urge to do, do it in homes and not on a public platform which doesn’t have as independent brain as you and me and our western brother who created this Muhammed drawing competition!

  2. i agree to the fact that the west think of themselves as superior and that we have seen since past that we have suffered so frequently!

    and though they have been critical abt their own faiths, how many times have we seen things that are critical of pope and mary not being destroyed or criticized.

    for one i agree that pakistan and even religious fanatics in india need to grow up in the matters that are religious and need to learn to digest the criticism and mimicry that might be there.
    however even fb and the west must try to draw a line between what can be said and what not. there somethings which are sacrosanct, we must not raise controversies on those subjects just far the sake of making a bestseller riding on the controversy and the bans

    • yes! I have nothing against west as such as I have explained above but then there should be a boundary between expression and denouncing or ridiculing something which is foreign to your brain.

      Logic and reason never says to abuse one’s faith even if you are comfortable in abusing yours!

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