Being a feminist on Karwa Chauth is easier than fasting an hour

Look at image-collage above. That’s your everyday feminist. No articles on smaller problems like talaq, halala but yes, asks women to take a stand on Karwa Chauth because her Ohio-bred intellect finds it meaningless.

This is easy to do. It’s easy to attack one faith and stop at the other telling ‘oh! triple talaq, halala, polygamy etc are their religious thing, let them solve it.’ Faith, religion, following certain customs, however meaningless they sound to you, are very much a personal thing. You too have a freedom of expression when you write such articles and terming them ‘meaningless’ in few strokes of your fingers.

But the freedom should be exercised all the time, irrespective of religion or caste of an individual. If you don’t have the courage to write objevtively, don’t bring disrepute to such big words. When you call a custom meaningless, you should have proper logic to back it up, and not mere personal experience saying people judged you for not following it. That’s a farce. It’s like calling Shyam Benegal a trash filmmaker because you didn’t like one film that you watched.

Being a feminist must bring a courage inside you that pushes you to question all the ridiculous traditions. Just calling them ridiculous or meaningless won’t suffice either. Your words must have a trail of logic. Feminism is not asking how fasting increases someone’s life because when someone asks you to prove how it doesn’t, you won’t have anything to say. Sadly, it has become easier to brand yourself a feminist. It’s as easy as writing ‘a feminist’ in your Twitter bio.

This is precisely why you would find these ‘alternative voices’ like DailyO, Quint, Scroll etc behave like sold outs. Wait for it and you would find a barrage of such one-sided, shallow, unresearched, anti-Hindu articles all the way till Diwali and Bhaiyadooj.

Because, nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry can abuse Hindu customs (with their limited intellect and assumptions of being judged for not following them) and sound concerned. But are they actually concerned?

No. Concern is not even the most remotely associated word. Concern is raising and raging on issues that seriously impact lives of women that has nothing to do with religion at all. Feminists are not selective, bigots are.This is their easiest shot at being called an intellectual and a feminist, neither of which they are or ever will be. This is fashionable. This is chic.

Don’t fabricate a story about how you were judged. No one gives a shit about their neighbour who doesn’t follow it. No one has time to judge you for not doing Karwa Chauth. It is a personal thing. Some might do it out of social pressure but no one forces them as assumed by you.


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