Globalisation of Indian Cinema

Multiplexes and target audiences have changed the way of marketing and perception of cinema making as well. Now movies are being made on hand held cameras, in video format, more movies on 35mm and 16mm, use of spy cams, web cam and other concepts are pacing up the production and giving something innovative to the world audience. Internet has added to the fast promotion and advertising of cinema.

Twitter: the next crazy thing in Indian Social Networking

The concept of blogging is new to India and often people leave it to some ‘aware’ people who know how to write. But Twitter has miniaturised this concept to 140 characters! Use your skills to be precise, write your SMS lingo and there is a bunch of readers which understands and comments. Even if you don’t get comments, it’s satisfying to see yourself speaking for anything. You feel sad for the train mishap, Tweet it! It gives a strange satisfaction and makes you feel that I have done my bit!