Surrender or face the music!

Home minister talks tough as usual on the issue of internal security. The problem however is the quality of music that he promises! With Dantewada behind, will government’s approach on militancy do any good?

200 trucks to Imphal…

The problem is not only of some Muivah but problem is in the psyche of the government, most importantly the centre. Despite several requests and reminders from CM Okram Ibobi Singh to the centre, Manmohan Singh’s government allowed NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah to enter Manipur (which he woke up to remember after 40 years that it was his motherland!). At one hand centre is not hanging Afzal Guru because it may cause unrest in Kashmeer and then it allows this kind of act on the pretext of freedom of movement which has already taken some lives and continues to disrupt normal life of the whole population!

Death, be not proud: we have mercy petition

Afzal Guru and Azmal Kasab are the two persons who have the privilage of attacking the Indian state, getting a fair trial on Indian exchequer, getting food and shelter (albeit in jail), and yet be alive on this very soil even after getting death sentence. Yesterday, after pressure from various sources, Delhi government moved the […]

Dantewada violence: Is government sleeping, as we think?

Is the government sleeping or are the Naxals too smart to be identified and shot? This is one of the most basic and the first questions that comes to the mind whenever we hear of the killings related to the Naxalites. Morally, no government would ever want it’s own machinery getting killed in these petty […]

iPhone OS on Desktop and Laptop?

With more than 20 million iPhone and iPods already out and thriving, along with a million of iPads in the hands of consumers it’s a good proposition for Apple to move the iPhone OS to the desktop and laptops. In the April 2010 quarter against the above data for iPhone OS only 3 million Mac […]