धार्मिक अराजकता और धर्म

शाम होते ही लाल बत्ती पर ही एक पूरा कोना धार्मिक गीतों पर नाच का स्टेज बन जाता है और रही सही कसर प्रोजेक्टर लगा कर पूरी हो जाती है। अंधभक्तों का एक मजमा लग जाता है और आधी से ज्यादा सड़क भोलेनाथ के नाम चढ़ जाती है। पुलिस हाथ बांधे टुक टुक ताकती रहती है।

The bullshit of motivational gurus and corporate trainers Part 2

Find the part one here:Part 1 The gentleman (trainer) who got the feedback that after the lecture yesterday I felt mentally tired, exhausted tried hard to keep his emotions in check (which he intended to teach us) while dealing with me throughout the day. As you all must know the topic was ‘Rediscovering self & […]

The bullshit of motivational gurus and corporate trainers

The management of our college organised an FDP (Faculty Development Programme) by some guy whose CV had an A4 sheet full of various abbreviations, achievements etc. which is considered to be good in a normal conditioned society such as ours. Let me tell you, I hate these kinds of motivational gurus, corporate trainers who somehow […]

बीजेपी, कांग्रेस और ग़रीबी की राजनीति

ग़रीबों को ग़रीब ही रहने दो. ग़रीबी में एक आशा है की एक दिन तुम अमीर हो जाओगे लेकिन अमीरी में वो आशा नहीं है. अमीर लोगों को कैसे ठगोगे? क्या कहोगे उन्हें? गरीबों को तो कह सकते हो, कहते रहे हो साठ-सत्तर सालों से, गरीबी हटा देंगे लेकिन नहीं हट रही.

91% in BA is just obscene! (On the vulgar way of marking at GGSIPU)

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is one of the state universities in Delhi which offers a variety of normal and professional courses to students pursuing bachelors and masters. Several colleges have got affiliation from the university and scores of students pass out each year with their bachelors and masters degrees. The issue is that their […]

Stand for yourselves, ladies!

That’s the reason why I am not standing up for them. Not for my sister, not for mother, not for any of my friends. It is you who will have to realize that you have your own bone and flesh. It is you who will have to sensitize yourselves and future kids. It is you who will have to fight the males to treat your babies as just babies and not as a baby boy or baby girl.

A rape is a rape

How does it affect or why is it a pain to accept that the girls who went to protest go to discos at night? How does it make it correct if a rape victim is characterless (who are you to decide that?)? What has character or profession to do with being raped? Is the rape of a prostitute any less traumatic then of a doctor or teacher (if at all you see a hierarchy)?

मानवता का बलात्कार (Rape of humanity)

१६ दिसंबर को मानवता का बलात्कार हुआ और आज मानवता की मौत हो गई बताया जाता है कई अंगो ने जवाब दे दिया था Translation: On December the 16th Humanity was brutally raped Today humanity died It is said: Many of her organs failed (Dedicated to the Delhi gang rape victim and all of the […]