पुरानी हरामज़दगी जारी है…

अन्ना की अनशन बेचीं IPL का जलवा बेचा शांतिभूषण की CD बेचीं अरुणाचल CM का हेलीकॉप्टर बेचा हेलीकॉप्टर की खोज जारी है हमारे CM की गुमशुदगी पर ओबामा killed ओसामा भारी है, सबके ऊपर, प्रिंट, ऑनलाइन और इलेक्ट्रोनिक मीडिया की पुरानी हरामज़दगी जारी है… तू देख वही जो मैं चाहूँ बन जा जंगली, कर ले […]

Nitish getting Secular ahead of polls?

First, he shruggs off Narendra Modi and comments on BJP about ‘him and Modi (not a good person among Muslims) holding hands’ poster… Then he doesn’t attend the BJP meeting which he was scheduled to. Then returns five crore rupees to Gujrat (ruled by Modi) which the state gave as flood relief fund… Nitish Kumar […]

Surrender or face the music!

Home minister talks tough as usual on the issue of internal security. The problem however is the quality of music that he promises! With Dantewada behind, will government’s approach on militancy do any good?

200 trucks to Imphal…

The problem is not only of some Muivah but problem is in the psyche of the government, most importantly the centre. Despite several requests and reminders from CM Okram Ibobi Singh to the centre, Manmohan Singh’s government allowed NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah to enter Manipur (which he woke up to remember after 40 years that it was his motherland!). At one hand centre is not hanging Afzal Guru because it may cause unrest in Kashmeer and then it allows this kind of act on the pretext of freedom of movement which has already taken some lives and continues to disrupt normal life of the whole population!