AIB Roast: Mainstreaming verbal pornography, just because you CAN

The supposedly ‘cool’ AIB Roast is mainstreaming filth or verbal pornography. In a nation where ‘deti hai to de warna kat le’ is sold as literature and being read by thousands, discussed in everyday discourse, no wonder it is getting likes and support by people who have bachelors degree, can read and write and have […]

AIB Roast of Arjun and Ranveer: Your roast is just Vulgar and Filthy, nothing else

After seeing too many ‘AIB Roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’, and knowing what ‘roast’ actually is in comedy genre, I decided to watch it. The first few sentences that the host, Karan Johar, has is ‘it is going to get filthier, dirtier and very very offensive.’ However, roasting is not that way. It […]

ग़ुलाम अली लाईव (Ghulam Ali at Delhi)

तबलची की टिक-ठक और ग़ुलाम अली साहब के अलाप से शुरू हुआ कार्यक्रम। ‘ये पाँच मिनट मुझे दे दो और बाक़ी के सारे मिनट आपके’ के साथ खाँ साहब ने मंडली के साथ सुरों की फाइन ट्यूनिंग, साउंड चेक आदि किया। इस तरह के कार्यक्रमों की ख़ास बात ये होती है कि वो चिरकुटों, कूल […]

InSaneSung to launch Galaxy Cinema 1.9 and 2.1 metres

With the huge success of the Galaxy devices, which Samsung (also called InSaneSung©) has more than the universe itself, Samsung is set to launch another: Samsung Galaxy Cinema. It will launch in New York on April 30, 2013 in an expectedly packed auditorium with performances by third grade Hollywood actors as usual. Recently, Samsung brought […]

Globalisation of Indian Cinema

Multiplexes and target audiences have changed the way of marketing and perception of cinema making as well. Now movies are being made on hand held cameras, in video format, more movies on 35mm and 16mm, use of spy cams, web cam and other concepts are pacing up the production and giving something innovative to the world audience. Internet has added to the fast promotion and advertising of cinema.