Social media, where to?

Image courtesy: When Marshal McLuhan coined the term Global Village, way back in 1962, he had just seen a glimpse of what electric technology could do. But he had sensed that whatever it comes to be in future, it would be an “extension of consciousness”. He had predicted that every information collected would be […]

Why some girls can’t remain single

“And yes, she will be a virgin forever. That’s guaranteed. Her virginity returns every single time she gets on with ‘another guy’. Scientists are rigorously working to find out how.” Note: This is sexist in nature, feminists can keep away. Let’s accept the fact that girls are generally thought to be in a relationship, committed […]

पुरानी हरामज़दगी जारी है…

अन्ना की अनशन बेचीं IPL का जलवा बेचा शांतिभूषण की CD बेचीं अरुणाचल CM का हेलीकॉप्टर बेचा हेलीकॉप्टर की खोज जारी है हमारे CM की गुमशुदगी पर ओबामा killed ओसामा भारी है, सबके ऊपर, प्रिंट, ऑनलाइन और इलेक्ट्रोनिक मीडिया की पुरानी हरामज़दगी जारी है… तू देख वही जो मैं चाहूँ बन जा जंगली, कर ले […]