उदास होना भी अजीब लगता है ये जश्न जब भी होता है जब भी ऐसे ढोलक सी दिल को छू लेने वाली आवाज़ आती है या कोई बताता है जब उनके खुश होने के तरीके को मैं उदास हो नहीं पाता तुम्हारी बारात जब निकलती है रोज़ की चहल पहल के बीच छोड़ जाती है […]

पुरानी हरामज़दगी जारी है…

अन्ना की अनशन बेचीं IPL का जलवा बेचा शांतिभूषण की CD बेचीं अरुणाचल CM का हेलीकॉप्टर बेचा हेलीकॉप्टर की खोज जारी है हमारे CM की गुमशुदगी पर ओबामा killed ओसामा भारी है, सबके ऊपर, प्रिंट, ऑनलाइन और इलेक्ट्रोनिक मीडिया की पुरानी हरामज़दगी जारी है… तू देख वही जो मैं चाहूँ बन जा जंगली, कर ले […]

I am not a high-school lover

Note: this post is just a recollection of my past experiences at college and has nothing to with any individual. If someone identifies with it, it’s a coincidence. One falls in love and mind you we generally don’t say that I was dragged into love or the like. The word fall means a negative phenomenon […]

Chronicle of a death foretold

Suddenly a Karizma pulled up quite fast and stylishly as I saw it had a broken tail lamp. The speed left Amool aghast and he unconsciously said: “bahut Sahi Behanchod” (Great! You rascal. You are sure to die). I saw the tail lamp and told to myself that the bike must have seen so many accidents and it will meet up with it again for sure.

A Story From My Village

A very fat man of about 150-170 kg was a very happy man. He used to sit outside his roadside house and happily pass comments on my papa and other village friends. A very nice father to his children and grandchildren and overall a good human being. The set up is same, the man sits […]