Jagriti Yatra Day Five: Still waters run deep

A third of the #JagritiYatra is over as we leave Madurai after meeting Dr S Aravind and Dr Ravichandran, Chairman, Aravind Eye Care Systems. The morning started with a news that the train changed its route and instead of heading to Madurai, it ended up in Chennai. And so, the train had to re-route to […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Four: It rained business philosophy

Keeping up with the title of the post, I would like to put some great quotes from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, young and old, we met today on #JagritiYatra role model visit: “See volume as ally, population is not a problem it’s an opportunity” ~Subroto Bagchi, Co-Founder & Chairman, Mindtree “Risk is overrated […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Three: All the roads lead to education!

The day started with a wake up call followed by a ‘fire drill’ to equip us for any fire accident. We, then, had a great breakfast on the platform of the Dharwad station in Karnataka. The day was dedicated to education where we met three individuals doing three different things in the field of education. […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Two: Creating space for each other

It’s the second day at the Jagriti Yatra and it was a hectic day. After getting the train (remember it’s specially designed yo train with bathing bogies, conference room style chair cars, a 24×7 pantry car cooking unexpectedly awesome meals, a small cyber café, a sick bay with six doctors on board) at the platform […]

Social media, where to?

Image courtesy: onbile.com When Marshal McLuhan coined the term Global Village, way back in 1962, he had just seen a glimpse of what electric technology could do. But he had sensed that whatever it comes to be in future, it would be an “extension of consciousness”. He had predicted that every information collected would be […]

Why some girls can’t remain single

“And yes, she will be a virgin forever. That’s guaranteed. Her virginity returns every single time she gets on with ‘another guy’. Scientists are rigorously working to find out how.” Note: This is sexist in nature, feminists can keep away. Let’s accept the fact that girls are generally thought to be in a relationship, committed […]