Dantewada violence: Is government sleeping, as we think?

Is the government sleeping or are the Naxals too smart to be identified and shot? This is one of the most basic and the first questions that comes to the mind whenever we hear of the killings related to the Naxalites.

Morally, no government would ever want it’s own machinery getting killed in these petty violence on everyday basis. Neither is this government like that! Ministers can’t do much as there is the rights of civilians involved. If the government sends some troops to washout, as many of you might think as an action immediatum, won’t many innocents die?

What happens in Manipur, J&k where Army has been positioned to see to law and order! Girls are getting raped, passed comments, students are pulled out of wild and made to appear as militant and subsequently killed!

Do we actually need these type of regions with frustrated forces to counter them or is government planning a better option. Chidambaram has tried a washout operation and what happened… Dantewada! The question is of right to live with dignity and with a high moral.

In a state where we pay tax on almost everything, is it not the responsibility of the government to give us all a dignified life? Why do you think naxals took arms? Do they enjoy killing or is exploding a bus a fashion statement or a facebook status message for others to see? No, it is not?

Think of people who are taken out of their homeland and promissed rehabilitation somewhere else (god knows where) and their land is sold to some indutrialists(as is happening in Chhattisgarh). As they are out of that particular area, technically it becomes a barren land and no more a tribal area which by law cannot be sold to anybody outside the state or person or industry. Once they are out, legally a barren land can be sold and that is the politics of it.

They are rehabilitated on a makeshift camp for some months, government gives them food, medicine, so called protection etc. in those tents and make them used to it. They are offered no work, their children have no education, moreover even if a hen gets lost, police lodges a complain against them and categorise it as a naxal (terrorist activity as the term is now associated with) activity!

They are made incapable as they are not provided any opportunity or skills, become a burden on the society by force and then when someone asks them about their rights to live and a violent way of snatching it, they happily take arms in hands!

What a pity! Violence is the last resort to any state of mind. Even mad people kick around things when they have no other option left. I am not a supporter of viloence nor of an inactive government but is applying force and taking lives of naxalites (first correctly identify them which is the biggest challange) is the immediate sollution? Or should we look into a long term sollution of identifying Naxalites, reading their problems and genuine demands of a decent life, educate their children if not them, support them with homes and employment…

If these all fail, name a bullet for each of them and direct it to their heads, I will be one of you with a gun! But yes, first identify them, not all living in some villages of Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra etc. are terrorists!

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  1. dear ajeet
    i m glad that u highlighted the issue bt to me a question haunts n that is where lies the solution:

  2. dear ajeet
    i am glad that u highlighted this issue but a question which haunts my mind is whats the solution:
    1. military operation is ruled out then what next?
    2. the every day violence is increasing day by day n thus their(naxalites) moral, should not we blame govt machinery as from where they are able to get so much of arms and ammunition is this not show corruption and such corruption taking lives of many and further causing a great loss to govt. property at large.
    so to me a harsh step to prevent supply and cose watch by the govt machinery to curve out such further attacks on the commoners.

  3. See, the government finally responds with a sensible decision to talk. They have bargained for a mere 72 hours of peace from Naxalites. Will they abjure violence for 72 hours and promise to not to attack or destruct any state infrastructure, no killings, no landmines…?

    Chidambaram says to ask for states’ responce of no operation against the maoists during this period is unasked for and he agrees to it. If they stop it, police will neither search, raid, arrest or kill any of their cadre or hideout.

    He has promissed to bring all the concerned CMs on board to talk but the Maoists will have to take this offer “seriously” which they never did as yet.

    What do you say now?

  4. well, sir a very well written post! now one this maoist problem is very different from the problems in kashmir and in north east! they are not secessionist to start with! they are a part of our social structure who have either got betrayed by the system or disagree to the process which prevails!

    army cannot and must not be employed in these areas. it is an internal problem and for such problems only paramilitary and police forces should be employed.and something more important than stick will be carrot…strategic moves by providing the employment opportunities and trying to bring them inmainstream and show them what they stand to gain by joining the mainstream.

    i have already written twoposts on my blog on same topic and writing a third one.

    however i suggest that police reforms will go a long way in solvinngthe problem.
    and todays offer of 72 hrs is also not good. it shows helplessness of govt. in the wake f pressure from all sides.
    however carrot with stick is ultimate solution. at one hand try to bring them in mainstream and at the same time cut their military wings and isolate them from root level.

    only stick will not be successful because we can kill an ideologue but not the ideology!

    • Fully agree to most of your points. I too am not in support of Army or even para military with special powers. Rather than strenthening the police these “foreign” forces can’t help much. They will be either killed or will kill innocent people (too) on the name of naxals.

      Police reforms are needed on a country wide scale where physically, pschylogically, economically fitter force without any frustration goes to desk and field with ample knowledge of local area to tackle this problem.

      But dialogues are necessary as much as reforms. Certainly the government is helpless but why? If they kill naxals, there are human right issues, if they don’t take action, aam aadmi is questioning! What to do then? Dialogues at any cost to know and try to rectify problems if any.

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