Dear 99 million Indian women, you deserve triple talaq, halala, polygamy

When I look back at what I have been writing about triple talaq and polygamy and the kind of response I got from the people who will be affected (or are affected), I think I shouldn’t be writing anything at all.

Why the hell should I be worried about 100 million women who can’t speak, can’t take a stand or can’t endorse a view that talks of their rights! I mean, I am not even a big bindi wearing feminist who raises flag at every single instance that, at many times, defies logic.

There are larger issues that women of India face today according to the feminists with big bindis other than getting divorced on chats and messages, forcefully have sexual with a maulvi for nikah-halala, and sharing the same husband with other ladies.

Those larger issues are wearing vermillion as a mark of being married, arms and wrists adorned with bangles, willingly keeping fasts for various reasons including for long lives of their husbands and children etc.

Of course, getting divorced by a man and forcefully being raped by a maulvi to get back to divorced husband is a minor thing as against the huge adverse life-threatening impact women have on their lives by putting vermilion on the head.

I mean, that’s the real sign of being regressive and conditioned by the patriarchal mindset. That’s real feminism when we rage with fire to oppose these ‘practices forced on to the women by men’.

Of course, feminists don’t need to ask my mother or sister whether or not she likes putting vermillion, wearing bangles, and keeping fasts. They just put a big fat bindi and they just know it. That mark of feminism is like a micro chip that downloads righteous info in the brain.

You can just keep sipping a cup of coffee in StarSucks, with another fellow feminist, bashing these ridiculous practices forced unto women, excluding, of course, triple talaq, halala, polygamy, and write a beautiful article with a self-imposed sense of intellect that only two of you are able to appreciate.

And yes, dear 100 million women, out of which just one million of you become college graduates, 37 million anyhow get to read anything at all, and just 50 million of you are able to write your names, you possibly deserve this.

You deserve it because one million of you who can speak, write and rage, go silent. Because they know they are independent and will get a job and possibly won’t have to share husbands with another woman, won’t get divorced on phone and chats. They are not affected. They won’t be.

Your males won’t talk about you either. The feminists won’t argue for you with a logic that ‘it’s your religious problem’ and you don’t follow the ghastly, self-respect crushing practice of putting vermilion on head. It is a non-issue for them and so, they remain silent.

The other 100 million men will keep on saying ‘very few are affected’ in a way accepting the problem but playing safe because they can exercise this someday against some of you.

The 99 million of you should remain under a veil while all of the others who can, and should, talk about you are busy finding freedom through sex, sex, and lot of sex…..

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