Dear Deepika, even that video is not your choice!

It’s always good to see people who start ‘activism’ in the name of various ‘isms’. Kejriwal started an activism to cleanse politics and became a part of the same brand. Recently, while I was away in my village, I saw too many people asking others to see this video ‘that will change the way we look at women.’

I don’t take these videos seriously just as I don’t take a single post by the Scoop-poop website where they keep posting nine things that is awesome about Biharis, ten things awesome about North East girls and seventeen things why sex before marriage is awesome. In the world where every poop is shared and liked by the wannabe intelligentsia, Vogue India decided to ride the fake wave of pseudo-feminism that has taken the social media by storm.
First, they put an actor whose dance numbers are loved because she has a special type of body. This actor, Deepika Padukone, is good at acting but here, she has appeared in an advertisement and not some dharna at Jantar Mantar. Vogue must have paid her some insane amount of money to tell ‘their message’, not hers. If you want to see the feminist videos where ordinary people appear, look online you will get the message what female wants. You won’t find this bullshit of ‘my body, my mind, my choice.’
When a video is written by copywriters, it is to earn money or fool people with words that are in vogue. And those words are ‘sex’, ‘body’, ‘freedom’, ‘choice’ etc all pertaining to women. As I have been very critically writing about this brand of feminism, which is very much a hatred towards male members, that it is misandry. 
Coming to message in the video, having sex outside a relationship isn’t freedom if your partner isn’t aware of it. Having sex (with any number of people, any number of times, any gender of human, any number of them simultaneously) might be freedom. But not so, when you are in a marriage or relationship. Because relationship and marriage are made on the bricks of trust towards each other and nurtured by love where sex becomes secondary. It is not just you who is involved. If you have to practice your freedom and choice, end your marriage or relationship but you wouldn’t like to be called a slut by people around you. You want to be a wife and practice your freedom of sex. Both don’t go hand in hand.
People will have to understand that sex is not freedom or freedom is not having sex as much as you can. Sex is a fundamental need. It’s driven by hormones. It is not driven by will. Freedom is to exercise your choice without harming others. If your behaviour of having sex outside marriage or relationship is affecting your husband or lover, that’s neither freedom nor choice. 
A video cannot change my way how I look at women but my upbringing and the education can. If a video claims so, it’s a scam. It is a foolish act to think so. 
Magazines like Vogue have been singularly publishing content which apparently publishes fashion but at the same time objectifies women as well. In the same way, Deepika talks about her choice but it isn’t her choice to give the camera zoom-in a way right in to her cleavage. It is the producer’s choice because he is investing money and he knows how to sell a ‘feminist’ body and later release a video, against the actor’s choice by giving her money and showing a contract, where she claims it is her body to display, her choice to to do it.
The message itself mightn’t be her choice. If it was so, she wouldn’t need a Vogue India monochrome shoot and editing to make it look artistic. That monochrome aesthetics is nothing but a sheet that is trying hard to cover its ulterior motif in the name of ‘message’. I get that ‘message’ and not the one which the title is screaming about.


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