Dedh Ishqiya movie review: Watch it for the dark humour, dialogues and great acting

Dedh Ishqiya is a dark comedy which is funny till the moment director abandons individuality and jumps on to become Abbas-Mastan. No doubt the dialogues are hilarious but stretching the story makes it mediocre.

This is the issue with Bollywood for the last one decade or so, directors are not coming to terms with reality that people don’t actually have time to watch the bullshit for long hours. If you make bullshit, please keep it short.

You take a good theme, put awesome actors in to it and then you don’t know what to keep and what to leave! Editing of the film leaves a lot to be desired. The story could have been compact by doing away with unwanted twists.

However, it gives the different perspective on love quite nicely. To some it’s just sex, to some a seven-destination journey, to some a ploy to neutralise the enemy and to some a tool to play with. The theme of love is central and director does justice with it almost all the time.

Love can be a ladder to attainment. Attainment can be very philosophical or very physical. The oft-quoted phrase, ‘triyacharitra daivo na jansi’, comes alive quite nicely in the film where female protagonist and her accomplice design all kinds of circumstances with all calmness. It was like the duck still at the top and working furiously below water.

I am not going to tell you the story. It will eat your brains to figure out and I don’t want you not to suffer. I suffered and you must as well. The story has sub plots which are either half-backed or ill-attempted.

Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warshi, Madhuri Dixit, Vijay Raaz and Huma Qureshi have given awesome performances. Dialogues are contemporary and very natural. When I say natural, it means there is no hypocrisy of painting the film into morality of society. If the word ‘chutiyaapa’ has to be spoken, it will be.

Music is simple pedestrian if you compare from the prequel. If you see it independently, the music is still pathetic. Take out the thumri that runs in background, there is not a single track that is worth humming.

Direction is good but nowhere as good as the prequel. If the director took so much time to come with a sequel, with such wonderful cast, he could have worked up a better story.

Camera is moving when it shouldn’t. There are shots where it moves unnecessarily and of you look at the sides of the screen you would find it disturbing. Camera movement is used to support the story, the scene else it looks the best when left still.

All said, the dark humour, dialogues and awesome performances are the points that you should go and watch the film for. It is a one time watch and if you have problems with Urdu, you would need a friend or just imagine ‘it must be funny’ when there is a laughter.

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