Facebook: A virtual commode to bullshit

I always believed, Internet will be one technology that will democratise information and will unleash democracy in the true sense of it.

We might denounce the concept of democracy itself and might not have any solution by saying this is the best among worst, but let’s face it we have to live with it for now.

Whether or not democratisation of information has taken place on Internet is debatable given how we perceive democracy. For example take Facebook or Twitter, the two social media giants applauded for their free space and ‘values’. We can see how the right to freedom of speech and expression is not only abused but is used in the same way as news channels in India do to promote superstition.

There are different zones of tomfoolery, bullshittery and prejudices. Internet Hindus are busy mudslinging on Muslims, Muslims are yelling why every other religion on earth is utter idiocy and theirs is the most scientific, Christians are busy civilising the world, Congress supporters are busy abusing Modi, Modi supporters are creating new news, Modi haters are punching holes in Rahul Gandhi’s speeches…

The shit is spreading fast in the name of freedom. But this is not freedom. There is a fine line between shitting and free speech. Facebook has become a virtual commode with no water or toilet paper around. People come, shit, and leave.

Someone will have to pick that acid bottle as other cleaners are ineffective. There is a holy war of sorts between supporters of all kinds. Then there are pages whose sole job is peeing in the wall by trying weird stuff to gain Likes and comments. Some go on to the extent of emotionally blackmailing you. Some challenge your faith in your Faith!

The invention of networking didn’t happen with this in mind. It was to enable communication and contribute to the growth of us as humans. Whereas, it is throwing us to cave days as far as our thoughts go. Stupidity is rampant among young men and women like us. It is not generating worthy discussions, rather a barrage of abuses and emoticons which perhaps mean nothing!

In some ways, I feel there has to be some kind of regulation where shit is filtered out. Casual conversation is fine and so is sharing your updates but how justified it is to feel that Pakistan needs to be conquered just because it gives you a false feel of jingoism! How justified it is to mock one religion without even knowing what religion as a word or concept means!

We need to grow from this superficial mentality. We need to look for something meaningful even on these platform and realise its potential for good. I am not against informal discussions but prejudices in any form against anyone must stop and stop at once.

What kind of world we want to get in to? What kind of discussions we are leaving for the society! What kind of negativity we are leaving out in open!

I know most of you do all you do for fun or out of sheer ignorance. Just think before you share that Save Cow posts, think before you abuse a whole race, ridicule a gender, abuse a person just because you don’t know/want to know about them.

Let’s clean our acts, we need to do it. No one else would…..

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