Ideologies, words are secondary

It is baffling how BJP is doing the same thing that AAP has done: ignoring the hard working party people to favour hardly working celebrities.

I don’t know much about politics. However, I know for sure that parties are different as they have different ideologies. Parties come in to existence and survive because of the works done by scores of members.

Let’s not get in to the ways they adopt. Even if we see it in an ideal way, it is members’ right which must be prioritised and not some new comer. Giving tickets to Gul Panag, Kiron Kher, Paresh Rawal, Ashutosh etc is just telling us how every party is favouring the elites within.

AAP seems the best ladder and the shortest shot to political stardom as it is new and in cities like Delhi, at least on social media, it has been creating a flutter albeit mostly for wrong reasons.

The same case has now been shifted to BJP. Ignoring the veterans or established members within the state units of the party have been ignored to give tickets either to celebrities or those who switched over from other parties.

You see posters from BJP camp ridiculing AAP’s tactics and vice versa every single hour on social media. Most of the time they turn out to be bullshitting and misleading.

Mass feeds itself on false assumptions and doesn’t even bother to look in to the facts. The silliest example would be some nutcase claiming this year to be some Chinese Year where a particular month would have five Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and that supposedly happens in 823 years. However, simple maths would tell you that whole calendar repeats itself every seven or eight years (in case of leap year, in some case nine).

But we blindly share and like.

Coming back, in India politics is no more about ideologies. If at all, it is fake. Some play the secular card all the time. Some (Arvind Kejriwal) invoke Ram Temple when no one brings that to a mention. Some challenge Supreme Court and SIT judgements. Some are feeding on the ‘poverty’ card. Some play the corruption card.

These are all false ideologies. People know these issues will be spoken all the time in next elections and the ones after that. It is the same as being promised in Delhi University elections, “Your college will get a bus stand if you vote us in.” They never make the bus stand. If they will, what would be the issue for the next year?

In a nation where a large chunk of population doesn’t have access to food, potable water, sanitation among many other fundamental needs, talk of secularism, corruption is a luxury to intelligentsia.

It is a shame that Congress still promises to give power to the poor. It’s been five decades since independence that the party was in power. Numerous populist measures like reservation, schemes, loan waivers have come and gone, the country and the population still remains where it was in 1947.

What does India need has been pushed to Facebook discussions and mock wars. The politics is a murky business that once was a way to serve people. You might claim anything, from changing the political landscape to wiping out the corrupt but each party and each individual (I don’t know who should I leave out) has one aim: power.

Politics gives you immense power for all the good things. But history has it, it has always been used in extremes to do worse.

Where people take pride in breaking laws and laugh it off over a cup of tea, the problem is mental. You might choose a few good men but they would be blackened with time with scars from their colleagues.

This country doesn’t need ideological debates or false promises. We have had enough of it in the past. We don’t want secular as we know and have seen what does it mean. Sikh riots are secular, Godhra is communal, Muzaffarnagar is secular again… Everyone is corrupt but the ones in one particular party… Their model is the best and others are… Well… Not good…

People don’t need models of development. People don’t need to inhale your ‘secular’ air. Religion is secondary (in fact, the last) thing on minds of a people which has suffered for a glass of water and been forced to drink sewage to survive.

What people need is that they should have the grains in their stomach at the place of it getting rotten in some railway godown. What people need is an education where a mature society scolds you for crossing the red light rather than taking pleasure at your ‘achievement’. What people need is a process where they do their jobs and representatives do theirs.

Secular, corrupt, development, policies, governance etc are alien words to a people which fights to live every single day and these words must remain alien till we can feed and educate them enough that they figure out what they mean…..

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