It was equally amazing meeting you!

When you sit idle for long time, you lose the sense of time and space. You don’t know what day it is or what time it is. Rains don’t bother you as you don’t get out of that room. You sit inside a room and write a book, plan to join that handsome job, chat with people…

How about a cup of coffee? Agreed. Places zeroed on, time fixed, preparations on. Polished the shoes. Put on one of the less dirty suits (c’mon, it gets washed once a year!) as suits generally don’t look dirty. They look awesome. And that eight-foot muffler… Does it look good? Hell it does man! And Chandan said that’s fine for a cup of coffee. And Chandan doesn’t say wrong things.

It’s freakin’ cold outside. But what a fresh day after the rain. Though, there is mud all around and you tread cautiously but that won’t stop you from spoiling that three year old shoe. (Bachelors don’t really give a shit about shoes unless the leather leaves the sole!)

Get in the shared auto, reach metro train station, feel people looking at you. Take that as a compliment. You look smart, as always. And that muffler looks awesome. Walk with confidence, have a cold expression on face (it’s cold outside). Constantly check that iPhone which you have been carrying since eternity (change it man, 5S is here. Beg, borrow, steal… Do anything, doesn’t suit you!)

Metro is nice. People don’t care who goes where. A hundred characters roaming and making judgement on you. There is this guy with a chair inside the metro. It is wired chair. And he gets in to conversation. What do you do? I teach. What do you teach? Indian culture, photography… Western attire, Indian culture! This look suits you. Thank you man.

Get outside the metro. It’s awesome, colourless Delhi winter outside. Only the blinking LEDs adding some colour to it. And of course, the red light. Receive an expected call. What a voice… What a voice… Dipped in honey, so calm and deep. The words don’t matter. Where are you? I will be there in a minute. Car comes, picked up. Radio Mirchi can calm itself down, we are talking now.

Two streams of consciousness, simultaneously, in action. The journey with physical movement is at one level and the good thoughts at another. This is beautiful moment.

Delhi people are rash and impatient. Traffic is such an issue. Where to park… Where to? Aah, there’s a place. Parked.

Come out. You are tall! That’s rare. Tall like 5’10″! Cool bro, we are almost equal with that four-inch heel of the shoe. And that leather jacket, it looks great. The right attitude and walking tall, literally. Open the door, thank you received. Find a seat. There it is.

Let’s order something. But I will pay! Why? I should be paying. No, no! I have this weird thing, if someone pays in our first meeting, that meeting doesn’t last long on our life timeline. And I would hope you don’t want that to happen!

Must have rehearsed these lines! I don’t insist (May be I should have?) Whatever… I will treat you with my choice of coffee. It’s hazelnut flavour coffee. And what the heck hazelnut is? It is a nut… Oho, good… A nut!

The real conversation about life, literature, philosophy, people starts. It is engaging. Look at the person, how awesome… Beautiful, elegant, intelligent and a good listener. Nice company for coffee. Mahadevi Verma, Prem Chand, Manto, Chugtai all became a part of the conversation. It ought to be good.

Coffee is getting cold. Keep sipping. No coffee tastes the same with a great company. The hazelnut flavour is taking a backseat. The person’s flavour has started to drip in. It is tasty. It is consuming. It is interesting. It is engaging.

Constant calls blinking in the face of the iPhone. It’s three hours in the café, let’s get going. Yes, we should. Open the door, receive thanks! It was ‘pull’, you pushed! No no, that will keep the door springs working for long!

It’s silent in the car. Not speaking much. I am not an introvert, but at times I enjoy the silence. You are right. Where should I drop you? To the nearest metro station on your way. That’s sounds good. This song isn’t that good, I like the ‘Kamli kamli’ song better. Yeah, that’s a good song. Dhoom 3 is shit. Agreed.

That’s it. There is the metro station. Shake hands. What? Give me a hug. That’s sounds and feels great.

“It was amazing meeting you. Let’s meet sometime again…”

Sure, why not…..

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