Kites is neither pasta nor biryani, it is a half-cooked dish!

“Kites is a Pasta and not Biryani!” :
Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan goes on to boast of his recent movie and is riding high on the fact that the movie has got the greatest opening ever in 37 countries and appeared in US top 10 as the first Bollywood movie!

But let’s see what has Anurag Basu made? A film with Spanish dialogues, apparently over stretched story, forced songs and dance sequences, accented language and accented acting, apart from a lot of short comings is what Kites is!

Talking of the story which revolves round two characters who choose money over love to get married to a powerful family only to find that they love each other. As things would turn out, their affair gets known and the chase begins and then ends in both committing suicide one after another.

The story never grips! Rather let’s you laugh at a stuff which was so hyped! There is nothing in the first half which makes people enjoy other than commenting on the quality of work as a ‘comedy’.

The film is a contempt to the audience! All the characters are shown building up and then are never utilised! Kangna is a mental case but there was no use of her! Kabir Bedi is a Big Man in Vegas but does nothing other than snapping a cheat’s ear! Hrithik has tried to prove that he can non-act as well! Barbara acts but in Maxican!

The film is like a big, over dragged advertisement of Ray ban goggs, Hrithik’s toned body, Barbara’s sun burnt breasts, yachts, chasing cars ETC.

Characterization is either pathetic or Anurag Basu has tried to make something which we common Indians fail to understand. Hrithik is complaining that why India is not responding the way the world is!

I have no answers… May be they are bore of their movies and Kites is a good laugh for them!

Music is the only high in the movie but again in the CD only. The songs are irrelevent mostly on the screen.

One weekend has passed and cinemas were half filled in the evening shows too. Most of the audience were pathetically disappointed with the way movie was made and felt cheated.

It takes a huge time, money and involvement to make a movie and even making an ad of a minute is a big task and one should not dismiss a work by being judgemental. But it seems Basu tried something out of the world to convince the movie goers in India and has failed.

“Kites is neither Pasta nor Biryani, it is a half-cooked dish!”
Ajeet Bharti

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  1. Hrithik may look like hollywood star (which his fans claim) but his acting is not at all par with of any of the actors there in hollywood…He was just so artificial in the movie, I dont remember any scene where he acted unforcefully…I dont understand how can Roshan senior spend a whopping 160 crores for this crap movie !…and the much hyped so-called sexy Barbara Mori was looking like an aunty with wrinkles all around, she could be best used as Hrithik’s mother in Kites 2 ( If ever the producer plan another disaster)…I regret spending time and money to watch this torturous movie..

    • Kites’ was a stringless one! Who controlled what, no one knows! 160 crores can produce much better films. May be Roshan senior was trying to save income tax! So many exclamations!!!!

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