Love… is like rain drops

Love is like the rain drops. Imagine your face, in all its calm, with eyes closed, looking up in the sky waiting for something that sucks away all the toxicity from inside you. The rains are pure joy. 

When that tiny droplet lands on your face, little are you aware of its qualities. That droplet is devoid of any of the impurities that might be present in the vast body of water from where it rose in form of vapour. It doesn’t have anything that can harm you. 

Rather, when that drop of joy condenses, and gets ready to fall, it brings more life in to itself by taking in atmospheric oxygen. That drop has the vitality of life in to it. When it falls on to you, it bursts itself and releases that vitality. 

Love is like the rain drops. When love falls on you, it has the ability to suck away the toxicity of thoughts by making you remember nothing. It brings you that moment when you are focussed on only one thing: love.

Love is like the rain drops. Love has to be pure, or it just isn’t love. When it originates from the beloved, it is a pure form of emotion that is intended to bring you joy and take you in to a state of superconsciousness. When it falls on you, you become alive, you wake up.

Love is like the rain drops. It vitalises you by the amount of life it carries with itself. When love reaches you, touches you, falls on you… It bursts itself and showers your being with life energy. Love awakens you…..

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