(More) Thoughts on conversion

“UP Hindutva group to go ahead with conversions despite warning” ~Outlook India

I am yearning to see the following headlines from media:

“UP Muslim group to go ahead with conversions”
“Kerala Christian missionaries to go ahead with conversions”

And I also yearn for the fanatical bigots to come clean on the issues of conversions in the very recent past, and still ongoing.

The Constitution equips the citizens to choose a religion. Why does a Muslim being converted to Hinduism suddenly becomes a ‘poor, illiterate, uneducated, vulnerable’ people but not those scores of Dalits, adivasis who are still being converted to Islam and Christianity?

The reality bites, and hell yeah, it bites you right in the arse. It makes you bleed all your selective retention through your smelly hole.

It is seldom that a well to do person, family or community converts to any religion. It’s always the ‘illiterate, vulnerable, uneducated, poor’ who are lured in to conversions.

Pangs of hunger render the icons of Om, Cross or Moon & Star very very blurry. Hungry eyes can’t differentiate between Christ, Vishnu or Allah. They will pray the way you want them to. That’s animal nature to try to survive at any cost.

Mine, yours or this media’s opinion neither reaches the converts nor they would like to hear of it. They are concerned with two meals, education to kids and a warm bed to sleep in.

This post is not for them. This is for them who choose to see caste system in Hindus and forget that every single religion in India practices hierarchy. A Dalit convert from Hinduism to Islam doesn’t ever become a Sheikh or Syed, neither those who convert to Christianity are invited for Christmas dinners to the ‘original’ Christians. All said, it doesn’t justify the hierarchy.

The rag picker who looks for things in garbage dumps does the same thing every day (and will keep doing so) whether he was offering namaz facing Mecca or doing aarti to Ganesh.

The smell of a cooked chapati is much more pleasing to his body, heart and soul than that from the incense sticks originating from a temple. It is a bowl of rice that will nourish his children and not the chanting of Allah Hu Akbar.

PS: I either support all conversions or am opposed to all of them. But it is not me who is being converted, nor I can make a single difference to the lives of those who have. It doesn’t matter to me because I don’t matter to them. So please ask yourselves, will your lengthy discourses ever reach those poor people and then take a stance.


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