Movie review: Jab Tak Hai Jaan (JTHJ)


Jab Tak hai Jaan is a typical Shah Rukh Khan fare where you don’t need a story. It just works on his star value. Charisma of SRK and Katerina pulls off the movie which doesn’t have any story until last 40 minutes.

The story (if I HAVE to write one) is about a young struggling man Samar Anand (SRK) who by all predictable coincidences of Hindi films makes Meera (Katerina Kaif), daughter of a big businessman, fall in love with him. As coincidences will have it, SRK meets with an accident and Katerina prays to Jesus trading his life for her love. Eventually SRK returns to India as Katerina is sure that if he stays away from her, he will live.

SRK is now a bomb defuser in Indian Army and meets Akira (Anushka Sharma) who is doing a story on SRK’s life for Discovery Channel. Incidents bring SRK back to London where he meets with an accident trying to save Anushka and goes in to retrograde amnesia (memory wiped off for a selective period and you get stuck at an earlier time) back into 2002. It is 2012. Katerina is brought to him to make him remember things. And as it would happen, eventually both meet at the end.

If it seems a great story then let me tell you it is all that is there as story and it runs for three hours.

Highlight of the movie is its music and background score. It is totally different tune from Rahman. It’s not signature Rahman music. But he does a great job.

The solo and duets of Katerina and SRK before the song ‘Ishq Shava’ has been picturised great. It’s a treat to Katerina fans and she surely has got some moves.

SRK is his quintessential self and is very confortable at what he does, romance. He is simply the best at it. Story or no story, love or sad scene, intense or funny moments, he is at it. But he is the same. He is SRK and not the character but that’s what people love about him.

Katerina shows good dance moves and is improving as an actress (the whole package). She is great as a dancer, improved as an actor and puts in more than just her physique and smiles.

Anushka is natural and acts as her character demands.

The songs are regular but lyrics-wise Gulzar is not at his best. Specially the title poetry ‘Jab tak hai jaan’ sounds ridiculous. ‘Ishq shava’, ‘Saans’ and ‘Jiya’ sound good to ears. ‘Challa’ and ‘Heer’ look a bit forced and the Punjabi lyrics make it hard to understand. For a Hindi film, pure Punjabi songs sound inappropriate.

Rahman has given a great music and one will like the music after watching the film. The song ‘Saans’ has been used beautifully at different points of the movie.

Direction is good but not the best from late Yash Chopra. He has failed to surprise the audience. May be the story is too linear and predictable. One can speak the dialogues before they are spoken.

The lack of surprise element, a flat (almost) non-existent story, and length of the movie make the required punch absent.

It’s a one-time watch for all and two-time watch for Katerina fans. Watch it for one more romance from SRK.

Don’t search for novelty. It’s SRK’s repetitive acting, Katerina’s sex appeal that can make you tolerate the movie. This is clearly the demise of SRK the romantic, charming man…..

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