Muslims don’t riot, it’s merely communal tension at Malda

There is North Korea’s Hydrogen bomb, then there is some guy hitting 1000 runs, there is Miss Bhuvaneshwar finalist, there is odd-even rule, there is Sanjay Dutt… And there is something called ‘communal tension’ in Malda. Not riots, just ‘communal tension’.

It is riot when one person is killed (lynched), it is communal tension when Muslims go on rampage. That’s Indian journalism.

I am happy that Media is playing it down. All the riots should be played down unless Hindus are involved. If there is a Hindu, or a group of them, let’s go crazy. If there is a theft in Church, make it Hindus burn church in Delhi.

No intolerance. Just playing with swords, arms and fire. It is the backyard game. Nothing much. Just 2.5 lakh people affected. Yes, let’s not attach religion to riots. Just some fun loving Muslims setting vehicles on fire, burning shops…
Or… Or… Orrrrrrr…

Is it BJP who incited this violence to destabilise Mamta’s TMC? You know, Bengal goes to polls. Mamta has strong hold on Muslims (remember Durga idol visarjan was postponed as it clashed with Eid), BJP used it to malign her party’s image!

Are these Muslims from RSS’s Muslim wing?

Maybe… Because the intellectuals are not finding any trace of intolerance now. Because there is no editorials, Primetime shows by our respected journalists on the riots.

I believe you.


One thought on “Muslims don’t riot, it’s merely communal tension at Malda

  1. The Muslim voting percentage is almost 90% while the majority of Hindu upper class families, upper-middle class families & mostly middle class families treat election as a holiday. The Hindu voters are divided evenly among the major political powers. This creates an equilibrium which can be altered if one has a sufficient support of the Muslim vote bank.
    That is the reason for the pampered treatment of the Muslims by political powers. Also, it gives them the so called “secular” image. Muslims can be polarized. Hindus cannot. The role of “pivot point” is what grants Muslims their privileges.
    Only if the Hindu voting ratio could have been increased…

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