On the attack: Why I choose to abuse

Show Cause Notice incident पर आज एक स्कूल के दोस्त से बात हो रही थी। उसने मुझे ये कविता दी, जो आप सबके समक्ष रख रहा हूँ, हमेशा की तरह छद्म बुद्धिजीवियों से (और उनसे जिन्हें एक शब्द विशेष से नफ़रत है) निवेदन है कि वो न पढ़ें और न ही किसी के कान में मेरे ‘ऐसे-वैसे’ होने की चुगली करें। वैसे ये कविता वैसे ही छद्म-नैतिक लोगों पर तगड़ा कटाक्ष है:

दरअसल आदमी
अपने दाएं हाथ की नैतिकता से
कुछ इस कदर मजबूर होता है,
कि उम्र गुजर जाती है,
मगर गाँड सिर्फ़ बाएं हाथ से धोता है

(Apparently, human beings,
By the morality of their right hands,
Are so deeply influenced
That the whole life passes by,
And they wash their arse with their left hands)


Here, the words ‘दाएँ/right’, ‘बाएँ/left’, ‘गाँड/arse’ are symbolic to the politics of left and right and the dirt that it generates. I am not going to get in to the left and right of it. I am more interested in bringing the fact that when the situation becomes so grave and efforts become unyielding with the normal course of action, the poet is compelled to use these words to show that nadir that the social infrastructure and thought process has touched.

The right wingers always take a shade behind the issues of morality, secularism, minority welfare, religious freedom, religious tolerance and the left has to clean the mess generated by it in the society. Imagine none of the parties speaking on the fact that you can not encroach government land by making a temple on it and later claiming that it will hurt religious sentiments if it is brought down.

Similarly, in the garb of this morality, when people choose to tarnish the image of one person, not exactly to tarnish him but to bring to surface the fact that they are intellectuals and something bad is happening and as they have noticed it, they are the brightest spot in the face of a society which is degenerating because of people like me reciting a poem bringing out your own dark moles that has covered your bodies and eyes that you can’t see things without prejudices.

So people, I wash my shit with both the hands. I have no morality as such. I choose a path where I am aware I will be attacked as most of this ‘moral’, ‘intellectual’ lot is sprinkling ugly looking, foul smelling shit all around and thinks that inside rot can be hidden by the outside polythin wrap that is pink in colour and smells good.

Coming to the Show Cause Notice, as dear friend Alok remarked during our conversation that any kind of ‘show cause’ notice, in very clear terms, reflects the support for ‘censorship’ which categorically deserves a struggle… a struggle to say what ultimately one wants to say. Interestingly people never ever showed their resentment with the ‘content’ but they had reservations with the way it was said… to be precise with the ‘form’.

Now the Central question is that who will decide that what form should be used by the poet or otherwise face censorship.

I have always been of the firm belief that a poem or a book or a film can only be answered by a poem or book or a film and NOT by banning or issuing show cause. The show cause issuing authority or the one who complained should have written another poem… a better poem… to mock me and I would have accepted it.

And at last another one by Dhumil (‘सच्ची बात’ की अंतिम पंक्तियाँ):

हर ईमान का एक चोर दरवाज़ा होता है
जो सण्डास की बगल में खुलता है
दृष्टियों की धार में बहती नैतिकता का
कितना भद्धा मज़ाक है
कि हमारे चेहरों पर
आँख के ठीक नीचे ही नाक है।

PS: जाओ भेजो धूमिल को Show Cause Notice कोई!

जब मैं गाली देता हूँ तो ये जानता हूँ कि बहुतों को पसंद नहीं आएगी, कुछ कहेंगे की तुम्हारी बातों का वज़न गालियों के कारण कम और छिछला हो जाता है पर मैं कहता हूँ कि उस कारण का निवारण करो जो कि तुम्हारे समाज के बेहतरीन स्कूल और काॅलेज़ के पढ़े एक शिक्षक को भद्दी गाली लिखने पर मजबूर करता है।….

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