On Women’s Day: It is her that constitutes you

She doesn’t need your version of poetry and prose where you heighten her to godly status. Neither does she need your fake feminist posts where you use best of the words to, perhaps, cover your innate feelings where you think otherwise.

Factually, she is the only creator in a world which is divided on the existence of God. She doesn’t need your extra care and protection, merely for the fact that she protects a small body of fragile bones and soft tissues inside her womb for nine month. Add another couple of years that she had to help you stand, hear, see, touch and feel. You are a nobody if she is not there.

Scientifically, the ever decreasing length of male chromosome will make you extinct one day (in some million years) and women will be able to breed, and breed just women.

You can’t give her anything because it is her that constitutes you. The Bible, a creation of patriarchy, shows Eve carved out of Adam’s ribs is a nice, but failed, attempt in that regard. It should have been otherwise because males don’t have that ability even if Gods exist were taken to be true. We could have had more Adams pulling Eves out of their ribs rather than molesting them on streets and raping them with iron rods.

She is beyond God because she is physical, she is visible, she is tangibly available where you start with sucking her nipples to survive, put your arms around her neck in happiness, press your chest against hers in love, weep on her shoulders in sad times, go to her groins for pleasure.

You can’t suck God’s nipples nor seek empathy from a stone statue.

Women creates you, nurtures you, calms you and completes you. She doesn’t need you. She is the One, whatever way you wish to weigh, scientifically, spiritually, emotionally…..

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