Outrageously beautiful, ferociously ambitious Part 4

Everything fell silent. The eye balls centred and we were breathing each other’s air. I could hear the fast thump in my chest box. My left hand rose and went around her neck. And, simultaneously, our lips locked.

We kissed each other with all our passion.

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The touch of her body leaning on to mine was unusually good and at times bike was driving itself! I was feeling this good after a long long time and she was the reason for it. Who believes in these bookish stories of randomly seeing a girl, saying something out of the blue and getting her to agree for a date within three days!

As the distance of my room from the coffee house was quite short, in a few minutes I was just a kilometre away. I felt something dripping into my shirt and touching my skin. It felt cold as wind seeped in. I realised that she was sobbing. Taken aback, I raced to my room. “What could have gone wrong? I behaved like a gentleman throughout. What hit her that she is silently sobbing?” there were questions in my mind as I saw her putting her large eye covering shades on.

“What’s the matter, dear? Is everything alright?” I asked as she waited for me to unlock the door of my room. She was silent and wouldn’t speak. That silent was making me more nervous. I was no expert in handling females and that too emotional ones. As a matter of fact, I once or twice cried in my ex-girlfriend’s arms inside my room. And she would take care of me. That was abnormal because it is generally the other way round. I was caught into the normal situation here. A girl who has been with you on a date is silently crying and you, without any prior expertise in this area, have to calm her down.

“What do I do now?” I asked myself as I let her in and with a wry smile pointed to a mattress to sit. The room was clean and shining, unusual of me. It gets cleaned only when I have a lady visiting me. I don’t care about girls, but ladies always get a good response.

This was a time for being a bit dramatic. I decided to pull off my talents which were nonexistent as yet. I sat besides her and slowly took the shades off to see her beautiful eyes with a delicate layer of salty water. She let her head down and was very calm. I gathered some courage and gently put my fingers below her lower jaw to make her look to me. But she won’t. Her eyes were closed with tear drops at the ends.

Her head was heavy as she was unwilling. But, I assume so, she liked my touch and when I tried for second time she slowly opened her eyes in full. For a moment the gloom was gone and a smile wiping those tears appeared.

“After so long I feel being accepted and secure. I don’t know why the whole world tries to eat me up with their eyes! It’s for the first time that I feel attracted to someone who is a stranger, whose name is unknown to me… and I am sitting with him in a small room.” as she said these words tears started flowing in abundance.

I was unsure of how to react. The practical me decided to get the wet tissue papers which were left for me by one of the girls visiting me. Then I thought a dry one should do better. But I had no option. I pulled off some from the pack and started wiping the tears. “This smells good. Do you use this? This is so unlike bachelor guys!” she said with a sound mixed with laughter and tears. “I don’t know why I can’t stop crying. It’s uncontrollable.”

She kept on wiping and it kept on flowing. I would just watch. “I should get her the trash can. At least I will be busy and don’t appear to be looking at her like idiots.” I thought but dumped the idea outrightly because it was good to see her into the eyes.

“Stop doing that. Don’t look at me like that.” she protested with a smile. The tears slowed down a bit and within a minute she was able to be normal. Her eyes looked swelled and I was sure that she will complain of a headache now.

“At times it is good to cry. It lets all the emotions go away for a while and you feel light.” I proclaimed knowing nothing of what I was talking. I said it just because it sounded good to me.

“You are right. I feel better now.” she said making herself comfortable by reclining on my customised pillows which has my signature and name on it. I wanted her to notice that but she noticed something else.

“What’s there under that towel?” she asked pointing to the wooden rack which had rows of books, mostly from my college days.

“Those are some books. Nothing much. College days… the best time of my life…” I murmured to myself remembering those great days atKiroriMalCollegewhere I used to be a student. Talking modernism, romantics, poetry, post-modernism et al… the fancy words and hard concepts.

By that time she had dragged one book out of the rack. The book was one of the best plays written ever, Waiting for Godot by Samuel Backett. I told her it would take at least three to four readings before she could get anywhere near to that book. She was indifferent to whatever I said. She started flipping the pages of the book and looked amused by seeing my notes in colourful handwritings spread all over the book.

“This is your handwriting? All of these? The pink, purple… Green? Why don’t you use blue and black?” she fired many questions in one go without taking her eyes off the notes. She was trying to feel the notes which, those who know that I do some calligraphy and have a good handwriting, looked artistic.

“Everybody writes with blue and black. Moreover they merge with the background of the page. Purple, pink, green are bright and appear good to eyes. That’s the reason I use these colours. Their combination appears as a piece of art.” I exclaimed adding, “And yes, all those different styles of writing are from these fingers.”

“They are fabulous.” she was still awestruck.

“In the play ‘nothing happens, twice.” she got excited as she read one of the lines from a critic on the first page. “You wrote this?” she asked.

“No. One of the critics said so.” I answered and tried to pull that book from her hands to change the subject from praising me to something more unusual.

“That was good. What is this? Who is A-jeet? Your name is Ajeet?” again a bunch of questions as she saw the pillow when she tried to sit and take support of the pillows.

“Yes. I am Ajeet. Ajeet Bharti. And I did these covers. And please stop being amazed. Please…” I said in a voice mixed with anxiety.

“Ajeet Bharti is very creative. Hmmmm. Calligrapher, designer… And I guess you must be a painter as well!” she said with a childish tone which was embarrassing to me.

“I get a lot of free time and do these things. I don’t have a girlfriend. I stay alone. I have a 7 hour office. So that leaves me with a lot of free time.” I explained and skipped her painting question. I thought to save that for some other day. Then she did something weird. She grabbed my collar and pulled me to her face. I started breathing fast as our faces were apart by a few inches. But I was focussed somewhere else.

“God! Is she going to kiss me!” I asked myself as I could see her lips in full which were close enough to do something good.

“What else do you do, Mr Bharti?” she interrogated me like a police officer.

And my dreams were shattered. “I should have grabbed that initiative.”, I blamed myself.

“Where are you, young man? There is a beautiful young woman in front of you, this is not a good time to get lost in thoughts.”, she mocked me.

I now knew what I had to do. I started picking the tissue papers and tried to move towards the trash bin. But she won’t let me. She grabbed my hand and her eyes ordered me not to move. There was a smile on her face and that was naughty. It was a perfect build up of a romantic time. Our eyes met and her head moved in opposite directions as she continuously smiled. I left the tissue papers near the bed without letting my eyes off hers.

She was inviting me and I was about to go blank. My focus was back to her lips and those looked proportionate to perfection. Our faces came closer to each other. Our eyes were counting the number of strands of hair in each other’s lashes. There was nothing to disturb. Whole universe stopped and not a sound to make us blink. There was no call bell, no cat, no sound of a friend calling from outside, no mobile ringtones. Nothing.

Everything fell silent. The eye balls centred and we were breathing each other’s breath. I could hear the fast thump in my chest box. My left hand rose and went around her neck. And, simultaneously, our lips locked.

We kissed each other with all our passion.

Her fingers ran through my hair and another hand was caressing my back. I held her tightly and went full throttle into her mouth. It was one of those moments when your brain stops functioning and the heart takes over. It just beats and beats fast to express how happy it feels. As we kissed passionately with our chests pressed against each other. But there was no time to realise that. We were merging into one and a feeling of entering into other’s soul was being felt.

A sensation so strong that we forgot to breathe and ran out of air in lungs. But such is the time that you love taking chances. We kissed till our bodies allowed. It was our first kiss. We took a long breath, looked with satisfaction and love at each other and got at it again.

It was love…..

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