Outrageously beautiful, ferociously ambitious Part 5

There was a gaze directly into my eyes and a smile on her face so gentle and serene that one could trade anything for those. It was so poetic and emotional.

It was beauty soaked into a potion of love and emotion.

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The passion kept us going for a while but it was almost dark outside. I looked at the watch and it was 8 already.

Einstein’s example to make the general human beings understand theory of relativity was realised by us. Time went away with a good pace as the sprinkling line of water bursting out of a tiny hole of a plastic pipe. Larger the amount of water inside faster is the pace of drops forming the line. So was us. The urge to contain time was quite high and higher was the pace with which time went by… Leaving us wanting more.

I wonder how many of us have noticed the life that shines on the face of the lovers after the kiss or a long time in the bed. There was a shine on her face. It was all different. A face that has so much blood beneath and so much life outside. I kept on watching it.

“What’s the matter? Your face is looking quite fresh.” she asked me looking directly into my eyes.

“Is it? I was thinking the same about you. May be, it’s the aftereffects of the time we spent. I feel so light. It was fulfilling and…”

“Got it. You are embarrassing me now.” she cut me short before I realised that I become over-expressive at times.

She was mending the bed and straightening the sheets on which we just wrote a story. I could just see and stare at her doing so. I wanted to tell her that it was unnecessary but that’s not in my nature to use the clichéd phrases. I knew she would anyway continue doing so. I think girls that are attached to you or even think good of you like to help generously. I remember my ex-girlfriend start doing the dishes of a common friend at his apartment as his parents were not around. When I asked why, she said that she felt bad for him and so helped him with whatever she could.

The bed was looking good now. I was waiting for her to say that it was late and she would like to leave but she showed no sign of that. I was wondering what the very recent future could hold for me. Will it be another big day in a bachelor’s life? Will she stay for night?

There was no problem staying at my place. Though it is small but two people can spend a night comfortably. My current room reflects an opposite mood of what I am. It has barren walls with just paint on it. No wallpaper, no paintings, no chartpapers with images sticking, no paper cuttings of Sachin’s images and full page interviews… In short it was like a baby without clothes. Completely naked and straight into your face.

A computer table with a thick layer of dust because I don’t feel like cleaning it when I occasionally clean the floor, a tall locker in one corner and a rack of books just to remind others that I used to be a student and was not always the guy that I might appear today. There is a single bed at one side and a mattress lying on the floor with a bedsheet on it. This is my room for you. There is a small kitchen and a good bathroom for Delhi’s single room standards.

“I am feeling hungry. Do you have some snacks?” she asked.

“How about some lips?” I candidly replied with a tinge of naughty tone that girls like at this point of time.

“Come here…” she said as she grabbed me towards her and planted a deep kiss, “They are sweet. I need something salty and spicy which goes to my tummy not to my heart.”

“In that case we need a cook. Let’s see who is a good cook. I happen to know that one male in this room is quite a good cook…” I said with smile and asked if an omelette would do for now. She agreed.

I took all the tissue papers lying around and entered the kitchen ignorant of the fact that she followed me there. I took three eggs and poured them into the glass one by one. Sliced the onion, chilly, ginger and mixed them in the glass. As I was reaching for the salt from the top slab she grabbed me from behind and tried to lovingly pull me from reaching the salt. But you can’t stop a six feet guy for too long that too when there is a bit of love involved.

“Sugar, if you keep doing this then instead of omelette something else would get cooked…” I said into her ear as I grabbed her from front and leaned with the support of the kitchen slab.

Honestly, I don’t like people getting into my kitchen when I am cooking. I feel irritated and no amount of love can ward that irritation off. Similarly, I don’t want to interfere others when they are in the kitchen. Sadly, she was no exception. I politely asked her to wait at one end before I am done as it disturbs me. But as we all know. Girls, when in full of her emotions, don’t pay any heed to your words.

It might be a biological flaw but they want to eat an omelette made by you and at the same time they would do everything to stop you from doing so. I have felt this with almost all the women in my life apart from my mother. She understand that something serious has come out of her womb and it will be better to leave him alone.

I was feeling like throwing the mixture altogether into the trash pot but better sense prevailed. I somehow cooked a perfect circular omelette. Alas! I could not show her my omelette tossing skills.

“This tastes good. Have a bite from me…” she pushed one piece into my mouth. It was really good. I generally give a better performance in stress and odd conditions. The omelette was an example.

“Would you have some tea or are you one of the cold coffee girls?” I asked with a pinch of sarcasm.

“Why would you say that? Tea is fine.” she answered with a question. I explained her my whole thinking of ‘fake girls’ who live in a different world that has many fancy words but hollow concepts. The girls who ask if the cow at my home drinks mineral water when I offer her a sweet made from that cow’s milk!

“Did I sound anything like those?” she asked naughtily pulling me to her face, “I think you need to know more of me…”

The clock was ticking and seconds were ending before they could begun. I was thinking that why is she not leaving as yet. Is it that she was lonely and somehow I appear good to her. Or is she ignorant of the fact that it is ten and she should be leaving. Or is its just because her room is just a hundred meters away so she is taking her time.

Many questions and possibilities whizzed past from left to right in my head and I could not reach a conclusion as yet.

She was getting comfortable on the mattress and I had no idea of what to do next. In these situations boys do absurd things and end up spoiling what could have been a better time ahead. I knew this and had a good self control. Not that I did not want to go all out and have a great time in bed but it was too fast for me.

I am not a person to be very slow or depend on time to get intimate rather I wait for the right emotions and feelings to get into the act. If I feel it right in the café, I wouldn’t hesitate to kiss. In the same way if I am convinced that I should take another step and make love even on the first date I would do so.

Anyway, that moment had not yet arrived for me. It might be that she was just feeling good after long and wanted that feeling to last longer. I could understand that silence.

I wondered about myself that it would take so much to approach a girl so beautiful and equally understanding. She was emotional and might have had felt a void in her life that has attracted her to me. But not many get to a boy like that. It appeared so easy for me but I knew how ambitious I was when I aimed for her. It is not easy to aim when you are almost sure to miss. Though everything was smoothly flowing as silk but I was unable to believe my fate which I don’t believe in.

“I am hungry… Do you have anything to eat apart from biscuits and noodles?” she said again as almost two hours went past after she had the omelette. My cook was on a long leave and I cooked for myself.

I asked her if she was a non-vegetarian. “Aren’t you?” she asked with a negative excitement expecting that I was a vegetarian.

“I eat anything that moves apart from vehicles… Will it be fine if I cook lamb for you? My cook is away and It’s me who will have to cook. And let me tell you I hate eating outside because I think I can cook better spending far less.” I told her many things in one go.

“Lamb is fine. I will help you in the kitchen.”

I asked her to slice the onions and other stuff like ginger, garlic, tomato etc. just to keep her involved and away from disturbing me. I locked her from outside and went to fetch meat from the shop along with other supplementary things. This is what I generally do when I have a woman visiting me. Why do I do that? I have no clue. But I do that religiously.

I was back in a while and she was busy slicing onions. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Obviously, they were merely chemical in nature and had no emotional content. It was not the first time that I would be cooking for a girl. I have always made it a point to show my cooking skills to them whether they want it or not. This increases your influence and girls say in their hearts, “God! This guy can cook too!” The ‘too’ word keeps adding to your profile for good.

I got into the kitchen and started cooking and she stood there as she had nothing to do. Suddenly she looked in the sink and started doing the dishes. I put some rice on the other burner and waited for the fire to do justice. With a few frequent visits to the kitchen the food was ready. We waited for it to cool down a bit. As I opened the cooker the spicy aroma of the meat confirmed that it was delicious and worthy of the occasion. Her expression gave the affirmation of the same.

We enjoyed a great supper together and had our tummy full. I asked her to go out for a walk as it is good for health. I never do that but just to change the mood and get some fresh air, I wanted to do so. It was serene outside. The calm of the nature in its silence was soothing to heart. We were gently taking steps on the long stretched road which had quite a few visitors. It was neither dark nor a full moon.

This was the road where we had met a few days ago. She was quiet and holding my hands with her head touching my chest. We were talking in that silence with little movements of our fingers, the pressure of fingers on each other’s palm could communicate more aptly than the words.

After a stroll we got back to my room and I had sensed that she was in no mood to leave for the day. It was 12 by the watch and the colony was becoming quieter by passing minutes. There were only the sounds of a few water motors running, the police patrol cars and stray dogs.

“Do you have anything which I can change into?” she asked looking in to my locker.

“Sure. Take that white three-quarter. That should be good for you.” I said as I pointed to that. Thankfully, I had washed it a day before.

She took that and went to bathroom and I utilised that time to get into my pajamas. Then I started cleaning the bed and the mattress on the floor sensing that we will have to spend the night in the same room. As she came in the white three-quarters, I offered her my bed. I decided to sleep on the mattress just to indicate that despite all the obvious circumstances I was not going to take advantage if she was not interested.

“We can sleep in same bed if you are comfortable with it.” she suggested. I clarified that I had no issues as such but the bed was too small for two people. However, the mattress on the floor was wide enough for two.

And so, the bed remained empty as we decided to slip inside one blanket on the floor mattress. It was half past midnight and the two of us were chatting reclining on the pillows and the wall. I had my head on her shoulders and her fingers were running through my hair in slow motion giving me a good feeling of comfort. It felt so light and rejuvenating as her fingers kept running.

There was a gaze directly into my eyes and a smile on her face so gentle and serene that one could trade anything for those. It was so poetic and emotional.

It was beauty soaked into a potion of love and emotion.

To be continued…….

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