Rajdeep Sardesai: Prejudiced reporter got slapped

I just saw the Headlines Today programme which Rajdeep Sardesai was covering. It is on YouTube. An editor of his stature, is seen fist fighting, and asking questions which are heavily prejudiced. In another video he is seen arguing with a man, and when things heat up he is seen leaving the scene and immediately coming back and punching the guy, as well as engaging in a abusive duel.

But let’s focus on his choice of questions, of which not one were positive about India or Modi.

If he asked, “Have you paid for your tickets” despite everyone saying a clear NO, he should also have asked what are your expectations or what do you think of ‘stable’ rating by S&P?

If he asked, “Do you think one man can change India?” He should have had the guts to listen to whatever reply was being given, but he chose not to stay after one of them replied, “If one woman can loot India, one man can change it as well.”

If he asked about Godhra, despite courts giving Modi a clean chit, he should have also asked about recent multi billion dollar investment commitments from Japan and China.

But no, some of us are busy bashing by inventing yardsticks of supporters’ behaviour being directly proportional to that of the leader’s own. For starters, Godse was a Gandhian; your ‘beacon light’ Kejriwal’s supporters have shown their behaviour numerous times; rioting public has been from every party in India.

But there was no definition then. Why? Because it wouldn’t suit your recently acquired knowledge of journalism, politics and intellectualism along with a fake sense of pride when calling supporters ‘Bhakts’ but feel offended when someone calls you AAPtard.

It’s Internet, everyone has their own facts. Everyone has their own YouTube links. It’s all there, you have to choose whether you see things in totality or just in bits that suit your purpose…..

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