Apple goes crazy with iPhone 7 pricing

Apple is still making the best phones, no doubt. Better camera, performance and all. But what the fuck is wrong with its pricing? And when you know ‘jet black’ colour option of iPhone 7 will be the one most people will go for, you remove the lowest capacity version so that people on boundary lines […]

Free publicity for iPhone 5

Why Apple gets this special treatment? I think Apple deserves this special status because of its unmatched standards, quality and assurance that a buyer gets. It has been the company that has unmatched customer satisfaction. One who has used one apple product wants to come into the fold where he/she can own some more of the Apple.

Mobile Technology: A peep into very recent future

‘Powerful’ represents the dynamism in multiple aspects that every upcoming model is coming with. Simpler UI (user interface), more features in less space, 1 GHz processors, more RAM, a plethora of dedicated applications, powerful camera with bigger sensors and more pixels, multi-mediality, and a good lot of utilities like hotspot, over the air play etc. are found in almost all the good smartphones on the market.