The tsuNaMo: Why Modi won

When the General Elections 2014 were imminent, there were two things that India was going through: general mass frustrated with the everyday scams not to forget a dwindling economy and rising inflation making its life troubling; and a search for an alternate form of governance. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the seeds sawed by Anna movement […]

बीजेपी, कांग्रेस और ग़रीबी की राजनीति

ग़रीबों को ग़रीब ही रहने दो. ग़रीबी में एक आशा है की एक दिन तुम अमीर हो जाओगे लेकिन अमीरी में वो आशा नहीं है. अमीर लोगों को कैसे ठगोगे? क्या कहोगे उन्हें? गरीबों को तो कह सकते हो, कहते रहे हो साठ-सत्तर सालों से, गरीबी हटा देंगे लेकिन नहीं हट रही.

Nitish getting Secular ahead of polls?

First, he shruggs off Narendra Modi and comments on BJP about ‘him and Modi (not a good person among Muslims) holding hands’ poster… Then he doesn’t attend the BJP meeting which he was scheduled to. Then returns five crore rupees to Gujrat (ruled by Modi) which the state gave as flood relief fund… Nitish Kumar […]