अगर गाय सिर्फ खाने की चीज़ है तो ‘हर मुसलमान आतंकवादी है’ भी सही है

ऐसे विरोधों का फ़्रंट जुनैद होता है, और पोस्टर पर मोदी, ब्राह्मणवाद, मनुस्मृति से लेकर तमाम बातें दिखती हैं।

The scull cap secular

Recently, on Eid, one politician refused to put on scull cap and, as Indian media always does, there was a prominent story on Times Of India homepage. Obvious enough, it must be of national importance as the editors and reporter would have thought. I am in late twenties and have been a journalist for quite […]