केरल में सरेआम काटी गई गाय, हाय-हाय, हाय-हाय, हाय-हाय

लेकिन हिन्दू चुप रहेगा। क्योंकि ये साइंटिफ़िक नहीं है। गाय कट रही है, जानवर कट रहा है। मूर्ति पूजना मूर्खता है, पत्थर चूमना साइंटिफ़िक है।

(More) Thoughts on conversion

“UP Hindutva group to go ahead with conversions despite warning” ~Outlook India I am yearning to see the following headlines from media: “UP Muslim group to go ahead with conversions” “Kerala Christian missionaries to go ahead with conversions” And I also yearn for the fanatical bigots to come clean on the issues of conversions in […]

Religious Conversions: Why we mustn’t care

Unless conversions are forced, I see no wrong in it. Be it from Hindu to Islam, Christianity or the other way round. Every individual has right to choose a religion based on there own reasons as one of the converts said, “Religion doesn’t feed me so it doesn’t matter to me today that I would […]