Photo poems from Jagriti Yatra 2013

शाम ही तो थी /Just an evening it was चरवाहा चला गया /The shepherd left for home रोज़ की तरह /Like every ordinary day भेड़ों को /Driving home हँकाते हुए /All the sheep गई एक और शाम /As another evening passed रंग बिखरती है /It splashes colours रोज़ मेरे छत पर /Everyday on my roof […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Eight: Second freedom struggle and agents of change

As we bid good bye to 2013, the young men and women of India become more critical than ever to India’s growth story which has its roots in the villages. Villages which are full of opportunities in the area of social enterprise and it’s not charity, it has tremendous amount of money to be milked […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Seven: Uninvited Interventions

When you are on a train, you have to face many issues. These can vary from physical to emotional to medial and etcetera. There will be water issue, train delays, technical issues and even toilet paper issue! But we must realise the simple fact that it’s a train. It’s a train, young men and women, […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Six: Inspired by the twenty-somethings!

It is the sixth day at #JagritiYatra and we have listened and talked to quite a few role models from different verticals to have an idea about what those people faced and planned when they started in their respective fields. This journey has been an interesting one. There are 450 young people, brimming with ideas […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Four: It rained business philosophy

Keeping up with the title of the post, I would like to put some great quotes from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, young and old, we met today on #JagritiYatra role model visit: “See volume as ally, population is not a problem it’s an opportunity” ~Subroto Bagchi, Co-Founder & Chairman, Mindtree “Risk is overrated […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Three: All the roads lead to education!

The day started with a wake up call followed by a ‘fire drill’ to equip us for any fire accident. We, then, had a great breakfast on the platform of the Dharwad station in Karnataka. The day was dedicated to education where we met three individuals doing three different things in the field of education. […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Two: Creating space for each other

It’s the second day at the Jagriti Yatra and it was a hectic day. After getting the train (remember it’s specially designed yo train with bathing bogies, conference room style chair cars, a 24×7 pantry car cooking unexpectedly awesome meals, a small cyber café, a sick bay with six doctors on board) at the platform […]