Jagriti Yatra 2013: What’s not to miss?

You miss girlfriend/s, parents, home, friends etc with whom you have spent a sizeable number of days… Then you miss places you visited, food you had, that bar, that restaurant, that theatre… Then you miss your teachers, some habits dependent on the climatic conditions and place of living… You also miss those long talks on […]

जगता है तब भारत

भागती रेल के धड़धड़ाते शोर से जगता हूँ मैं और बंद खिड़की की दरारों पर देखता हूँ ओस की दो लटकती बूँदें जिसमें भागता हुआ जहान उल्टा नज़र आता है और नज़र आता है उसमें कोई जो मडियथ जो एक दिन केरल से उठता है और चल पड़ता है उड़ीसा के गाँवों में लोगों को […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Thirteen: The absence of angst

Winters make Delhi a colourless capital. It was almost seven degrees when we entered IIT Delhi campus for panel discussion on education and enterprise. The panel discussion was followed by a very generic talk by Rajdeep Sardesai. I expected better words from him, however. The panel discussion hovered around three things: education, skill, enterprise. The […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Eleven & Twelve: The Deoria flavour

Moving in from the chill of Patna to Deoria in UP must have been some experience for our friends from the warmer South. In Deoria we stayed at Jagriti Sewa Sansthan Chairman Shashank Mani’s ancestral village at Barpar village. His family hosted the girl Yatris and boys were made to stay at the nearby school […]

Jagriti Yatra Day Five: Still waters run deep

A third of the #JagritiYatra is over as we leave Madurai after meeting Dr S Aravind and Dr Ravichandran, Chairman, Aravind Eye Care Systems. The morning started with a news that the train changed its route and instead of heading to Madurai, it ended up in Chennai. And so, the train had to re-route to […]