दलाल, हरामज़ादा, सनकी, धोखेबाज़, चोर आदि आराम से क्यों बोलने लगे हैं हमारे नेता?

अब सारी गणना चुनाव को जीतने नहीं, किसी भी तरह जीतने पर आ गई है। अब आपको चुनावी रणनीतिकार के हिसाब से चलना होता है जो कि हावर्ड में पढ़कर आया है, वो आपसे वो भी करवा लेगा जो आपने सोचा भी नहीं होगा।

Western media and its sheer desperation over Modi government

As West’s uncalled apprehension grows regarding an NDA government in India they are resorting to all kinds of bullshit in the name of journalism. Pushing propaganda, carefully using words to mislead (subconsciously) readers and writing heavily biased article giving them prominent space in newspapers like The Guardian or as is the case this time, The […]

Nitish getting Secular ahead of polls?

First, he shruggs off Narendra Modi and comments on BJP about ‘him and Modi (not a good person among Muslims) holding hands’ poster… Then he doesn’t attend the BJP meeting which he was scheduled to. Then returns five crore rupees to Gujrat (ruled by Modi) which the state gave as flood relief fund… Nitish Kumar […]