Thus spake Manamohana: Bhaag Bose DK

Manamohana is the ‘mahesh’ (Lord Shiva) of the nation albeit he has a blue turban at the place of a blue throat. He has taken all the venom of the Congress on to his turban, rather in to his turban which has become blue as throat of Lord Shiva after he drank all the ‘vish’ that came out of ‘Sagar Manthan’.

Corruption (a cliché now), blasts (another cliché), inflation (already a cliché), price hike (cliché that goes with Congress) and many other problems have become so rampant that they are merely another problem like split milk in summers.

And our Manamohana still smiles like krishna. The question is: Is that oldie smiling because he is hiding some pain (as goes the song ‘tum itna jo mukura rahe ho, kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho’) or is he smiling upon our poor fate (the ‘kutil muskaan’)?

Or is it a mixture of both as he knows he has no option.

Or is it that he has got a dysfunctional muscle which is not in his control as are his cabinet ministers?

Whatever be the case but the problem is, why does he smile that a smile that leads to many meanings?

Manamohana (a name for Lord krishna, is it? You can always take a risk, in Indian mythology most of the names mean Krishna in one way or the other) has this charming smile which has won him the Lok Sabha elections for the second time. But can he fool the ‘aam junta’ once again?

Yes… sure he can.. And you will all vote when he will cast his spell with his moves.

Anyway lets not get into serious stuff, lets get into the fun.

This song which makes all of us a commoner, in general (I know I am not one of you) has been, lately, the driving force behind Manamohana’s composure.

Whatever nation or the ‘aam junta’ says to him, he replies by saying “Bhaag Bose DK…” and after a while he will say to himself “is a good song”.

He doesn’t give it a damn how and where the country is heading. And why should he. With auto pilot on, he has this luxury. He doesn’t have to decide anything, everything is already decided. All he has to do is to keep making faces (oh, Krishna was quite good at it, I love Krishna).

Why doesn’t he give a damn? Good question! I will elaborate on it in a while.

Look, 2012 is coming and if you are good enough at superstitions and old myths and fond of cave writings (which scientists decipher but are unsure of what they mean because they just pretend that it might mean so as the logic leads it there but the logic itself can be wrong which they don’t deny)…

Where was I? Yes, the superstitions and 2012… So if you can analyse you see Japan has got Quake and Tsunami, New Zealand which already appears to be a left over of a bird’s shit was also hit by a quake, America ought to be hit by some of our actresses in form of typhoons and cyclones…

By all these ‘true’ data I want to establish the Mayan prophesy that the world is going to end and people have come to die on this earth (that is the truest of all the truth as the Hindi proverb goes: “aaya hai so jayega, raja, rank, faqeer”) in the year 2012.

Manamohana has nothing to do either. He has danced enough (yes on the familiar tunes composed by Sonia-Sonia). Now he is just following the unsaid and waiting for the world to end before his term.

He thinks everyone will die some way or the other… why waste brain in fighting inflation, why do something to check terror? (Aah! Rahul baba says he has 99% success rate at preventing terror attack. We all know he is a young leader yet to grow up. So leave the poor soul. He couldn’t qualify for his primary school and unluckily they never had a Kabaddi quota for the same. That is the reason of his not knowing what and how much is 99, he thinks it is twice the 9 or 66 inverted or must have heard it somewhere from Diggi chacha)

‘Mitti da shareer hai, mitti de mil jana hai…’

And anyway, is human life not about struggle as the great saints have said and died cribbing that. Even this…who was heeeee? yes, this Darwin chap… He has said this as well, ‘survival of the fittest’.

If you are fit then you can survive. No… not that fit. ‘Fit’ has a philosophical meaning here. ‘Fit’ means having lots of money to survive any inflation, having lots of bodyguards to survive any bombing or bullets, having lots of words to please people (at least pretend so).

In Salman Khanish perspective, our Manamohana is not so fit… He doesn’t go to gym, he wont run on Janpath, wont speak much. Our Manamohana is fit in the philosophic way, my way. You get it? Don’t get it? My way or Highway…

The problem with Manamohana is that he is a Singh and not a Gandhi so he doesn’t have the added qualities Gandhis (not the Mahatma, the neo-Mahatmas like Rahul ba-ba) have by birth. He is just learning the tricks of the trade.

When asked by the Bose DKs of the country about his indifference towards the larger issues like corruption, black money, inflation, price rise, intelligence failure etc.

Manamohana wondered and… That was all he could do! With a face that said, “is it so, are they the real issues? I always thought real issues were like searching Sonia’s dog…”, he went into his turban.

Inflation is actually a good thing. You pay lots of money to buy petty things like milk and potato… Just think how would your kids react when they will hear that you spent 80 bucks for a kilo of onion and he will think, “my father belonged to a well off family, the ‘upper class'”. Before he wonders why was he in to a real lower middle class family then, cook another great story like you paid 1000 for a litre of petrol… (Is that a story or a reality to come?)

Anyway, concluding this gibberish, Manamohana summarised in three words, “Bhaag Bose DK” and then explained what he meant.

“Bhaagna is not an act of escapism, it’s something very philosophical and eternally present with the humankind as a practical option. Problems will remain like those weeds which you don’t like yet they grow. The need is to find a solution. The solution is to run, not over it or with it or against it but to run away from it.”

Manmohana continues, “Because, as a matter of fact, these petty issues, which are no more even issues, have made the population immune to them and come what may, people are living with it and as the history goes, they will come out surviving if they are ‘fit’ enough to…”

“…look at me, people say many things at my back and make my cartoons but they don’t deter me. I just don’t turn up unless situation is so grave that press can’t make fun of me. For example these Bombay blasts, press could have torn me apart but after much deliberation I found this beautiful and strong phrase that ‘we will do everything to prevent attacks’. And press goes ga ga over it…”

“.. Isnt that what a PM is supposed to do. Yes, but PM should be intelligent and must know what to speak and where. And so do I, all the time.”

“that’s it, so keep running Bose DK else you will be crushed and I will say, we will do everything to stop inflation, measures are being taken to tackle price rise… Speak some phrases like bps, CRR to go up or down and people think something is being done. But do nothing. Because,

“Hoihe wahi je Raam rachi rakha”
(all that has been planned by god is what will happen, no less no more)

With these well researched and thought words, leaving an everlasting impact on our poor souls, Manamohana left us…..

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