Why some girls can’t remain single

“And yes, she will be a virgin forever. That’s guaranteed. Her virginity returns every single time she gets on with ‘another guy’.

Scientists are rigorously working to find out how.”

Note: This is sexist in nature, feminists can keep away.

Let’s accept the fact that girls are generally thought to be in a relationship, committed or casual, irrespective of the truth.

It is also a generally derived truth that it’s the boy who proposes and the girl is the ‘proposed’. However there can be some exceptions.

We all know what kind of a generation we are. A hollow, insecure and the one suffering from identity crisis. There is an urge to be known by maximum and to achieve that we indulge in any weird, illogical, and even immoral things.

Getting to the topic at hand, why some girls can’t remain single, I should give my perspective whether you ask for it or not.

These ‘girls’ (the ones who can’t remain single) are very adventurous in nature. They want to have too much in too little or whatever time they have in hand.

The problem is not why are they not single but it’s about the ability to remain single. They feel an intense desire to have someone around them who they can boast of being in a relation with.

The desire arises for many reasons. The top one is her friends. Her friends are generally like her who believe it’s idiotic to hang on with the same guy for too long. And long might mean a day, a month or a year. It’s never more than three years unless her father gets her married after seeing that her daughter gets serious with all her boyfriends.

These girls are an expert at breaking up. And the reasons that you mostly hear would be: my father is not in favour of this (she realises this after 2 years), you live in an area which is not good (though she will be visiting that every week when with you), we don’t have a future (earlier they wanted to bring stones from the moon together), your personal hygiene is intolerable (though she would sleep with you weekly and have sex thrice every meeting), you are not my type (obviously he is not a male prostitute).

You all must have heard (and some of you must have said) one of these before being dumped. There can be more reasons which depend on the girl’s creativity.

These girls have a very brief window of opportunity after the break up(oops, break ups). Who does fill that in?

The best way is to be friends on Facebook and ‘keep in touch’ (literally). As far as my experience goes, the day she breaks up, her relationship status would read (proudly) ‘single’. This is your window to jump in the relationship (and on her).

You will be surprised to read the same status as ‘committed’ within a very short span. Though you should not, but if you do enquire about the latest guy, she will say, “He is ma bes fren frm skul.!”

Don’t wonder why she never mentioned this in all these days/months/years about this best friend. Be happy and content that even this ‘bes fren’ has no idea of another ‘bes fren’ when he will eventually be dumped.

And yes, she will be a virgin forever. That’s guaranteed. Because they tend to speak the truth in ‘Truth or Dare’ when asked, “Are you a virgin?” and they astonishingly say “Yes!”. It’s a God’s gift to her. Her virginity returns every single time she gets on with ‘another guy’.

Scientists are rigorously working to find out how.

Again on her dumb friends, they will always be happy for her. Every time she gets a new boyfriend, they will curiously (apparently) ask, ‘Oho, who is the lucky guy?’ And the answer will be, “He is the One for me. My future hubby.” (this will be the seventh such hubby. Oh, the poor guy!)

And then there will be ‘Likes’ all around on FB. Seldom the guy realises that the ring in the ring finger is nothing but a ploy to make you believe that you are the One she will be with, forever. Though she has her own dictionary for words like these which mean ’till I get bored, till I get another, till I get more adventurous’.

That ring is stuck in the finger otherwise it would have run away in frustration.

These girls are the most committed ones on planet. They are committed to each of the guys they ever meet. There is nothing casual though there are some casualties because of this.

You won’t believe (because she will never let you or allow you to know) that she is keeping at least three guys in waiting when she is committed to you. What if she suddenly goes to other place! What if you are not from her hometown, someone should remain at the home for her pleasure.

But don’t loose heart. Be positive and be happy that you are single now and you have much time to give life another shot and find the one who is the One for you.

Be happy that you too had a slice of the pie for which a lot of guys are on the hook.

Sadly, these girls, after their notorious adventures and experiments remain alone and single whole of their life. The fact is that’s the way they live. You can have all the adventures in very short time but when you are tired there will be no one to take care of you.

And sadly, I know, if not many, one such girl…..

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  1. Hallo Sir….

    Very well expression of the day to day truth. I am sure most of the people are casualty of this casual, committed or “i just need time” relationship. Unfortunately or fortunately i also know one such girl.

    • Yes, we all know one such girl because of the fact that despite of the low sex ratio such girls keep getting new partners.

      This increases the chance of knowing/experiencing one such girl.

      Cheers! Grapes are not sour here, many have rotten… It’s better for health to eat ‘healthy’ ones.

  2. Dude, this post actually pissed me off. I’m not pissed off at you, I’m just pissed off that this is all true! Keep up the good work, bro!

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